School Voice Leaders

Your six School Voice Leaders are elected to represent students within their respective Schools: Art & Design, Media & Performing Arts, Business, Law, Health & Education and Science & Technology.


They work closely with our full-time Student Officers and Student Voice Leaders as well as the university, helping to improve the experience of students in their School and more widely. As members of the Executive Committee with the President and Vice President, they also help direct the work of the Students' Union and create policy on student ideas.


They work part-time, and are elected annually by students in our MDXSU Elections during February-March each year.


Stephanie Stevens
Art & Design School Voice Leader

Hello, I'm Steph and I am a 1st year Fashion Design student. I am currently the President of the Fashion Networking Society, and last year I was a Student Voice Leader for my course.

If you need anything or just want to say 'hi' then I’m always up for a chat! If I’m not cramming in the library, drinking tea at Costa, or at the pub you are likely to find me dawdling around Uni, so feel free to grab my attention - or send me an email - and we can discuss any issues you've encountered or ideas you have for the Art & Design School.



Chaar Yeates
Media & Performing Arts School Voice Leader


I am a 3rd year student studying Media and Cultural Studies and have a passion for news. I'm also an MDXSU Campaigns Intern for 2016/17, a member of the MDXSU Women’s Liberation Assembly, and Vice President of the Singers & Musicians Society. I participate in RAG (Raise & Give Society) and I also play rugby for the Middlesex women’s team.

When I'm not immersed in uni life I love partying, music and reading. Come say hey if you see me around campus!


Ronit Himatlal
Business School Voice Leader


I'm Ronit, a 2nd year BA Business Management student. I first got involved with the Students' Union through the MDXSU Disabled Students Assembly, where as a General Secretary I fought for the rights of the disabled people and for their issues to be heard both on campus and at the NUS Disabled Students' Conference 2016. This year I will also be the Secretary of the Economics, Business and Finance Society, and Public Relations officer for the Portuguese Society. 

As School Voice Leader for Business I will continue to work on accessibility on campus; emphasise the importance of multiculturalism and diversity at Middlesex; and highlight the key role of SLAs and GAAs (Student Learning Assistants and Graduate Academic Assistants) in my School. Don't hesitate to say 'hi' or drop me an email!


Rebeca Cruz
Law School Voice Leader


I'm a 3rd year student doing International Politics & Law. Last year I worked as an Student Learning Assistant (SLA) and as part of Team MDXSU. I represented Middlesex University at the 2016 NUS Conference, volunteered at Amnesty International and I also worked part-time in a small law firm. This year, as well as being the Law School Voice Leader I'll also be working as a Senior SLA and as an intern at MDXSU.

As your School Voice Leader, I want to ensure that students' concerns are effectively voiced and that your suggestions play a key role in creating positive change at MDX. To do so, I will work to improve the communication between students and programme leaders, to strengthen the relationship between the employability services and our School and to ensure that students have access to appropriate support whenever they need it. S
o please don't hesitate to drop me an email or come and have a chat with me at the Students' Union!


Minoo Mirzaei
Health & Education School Voice Leader


Hello everyone, I’m Minoo and I am a 1st year Education Study student. I am currently a Student Voice Leader and just very recently elected as the Health & Education School Voice Leader.

I have previously participated in United Nation Model (LIMUN) and always had huge passion for taking part in sport activities, specially swimming. I have also volunteered and took part in many primary and secondary school placements during my gap years. 

As your School Voice Leader, my top priorities are to ensure effectively all students have their voice heard and also to work on creating more study support and approprite placements opportunities. So please don’t hesitate to chat with me in person or email me with any questions or concerns.


Matthew Visconti
Science & Technology School Voice Leader


Hello, my name is Matthew and I study Biomedical Science. Last year I was a Student Voice Leader for my course and this year I will be President of the Marrow Society. 

My top priorities this year will be: creating a School wide network for revision, establishing links between our School and medical related institutions and reforming the 'late rule' currently employed at Middlesex. If you have any issues or questions then please feel free to email me.



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