Katie Dragomirova, Vice President Business and Law

Email: e.dragomirova@mdx.ac.uk


The Vice President Business and Law represents all students within these schools at Middlesex, and works closely with the School Voice Leaders on the MDXSU Exec. Each Student Officer also has particular interests in and responsibilities for other areas of student life - areas Katie represents are the MDXSU Women's Assembly, employability, housing in halls and university accommodation, academic societies and welfare.


Hey! I’m Katie, your Vice President Business & Law.


My role at Middlesex Students' Union is to shape a more progressive and empowering relationship between the Business & Law students, our Students’ Union and the university. I will ensure your voices are heard and the decisions of the university are in your best possible interest.


This year I graduated from BA International Politics within the School of Law. My main interests were to campaign for the general elections and the EU Referendum. Also, as an MDXSU intern alongside an amazing team we worked on a life changing housing campaign. I absolutely enjoyed my MDXSU experience, especially freshers’ when I met most of my friends, and I’m here to help yours become even better!


As an elected MDXSU Student Officer for 2016/17, I’ll be working really hard on protecting the rights of students to housing and welfare.


My priorities are:

  • To reduce and freeze the rent for student halls of accommodation (because it's too d@%* high)!
  • I believe that women should not be forced to pay extra because of our gender, hence why I will be working on making sanitary products free on campus.
  • It is important for us as students to leave university with the necessary skills to be employed, which is why I will increase the opportunities for our students on campus and in the local community.
  • Focusing on the academic success of students by tracking and noting their achievement.


If you have any issues or some cool ideas, come and say hi - I will be more than happy to help.



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