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Fitness to Study

What does 'Fitness to Study' mean?

If there are concerns that your health may be disrupting your studies or the studies of others, or may be placing unreasonable demands on staff and students, you may be ‘unfit to study’. But don’t worry!

The Fitness to Study Policy has been implemented to allow for an agreed way for you to continue your studies with appropriate support in place, or to allow you to take a break from your studies without academic consequences until you are 'fit to study'.


What happens if there are concerns regarding my fitness to study?

Level 1 – Informal Intervention

- Concerns about your fitness to study are raised and you are invited in for a informal discussion with the Director of Programme, the Programme Leader or the Module Leader.
- You will be informed of what behaviour caused the concerns and will be given a chance to share any mitigating circumstances or previously undisclosed medical history.
- You will be informed of the support available to you.
- You will receive a letter recoding the meeting, issues and agreed action.

Level 2 – Case Review Meeting

If you have not kept to the action plan agreed at the informal meeting, you will be invited to a formal case review meeting. You will be given a reasonable notice in writing informing of the requested necessary detailed information and documentation (e.g. medical evidence). You can be accompanied to the meeting by a friend, family member or a MDXSU representative.
The possible outcomes of Level 2 are:

- To agree an action plan with you
- To consider an adjustment to hours of study
- To agree an interruption from the programme
- To make a referral to Level 3 procedure
- To make a referral to other University procedures as appropriate (e.g. Student Disciplinary Procedure)
- To propose to you suspending the placement (if available) or switching to programme without placement
- Any other actions intended to support you to successful completion of their studies.

Level 3 – Fitness to Study Panel

If there are still concerns about your fitness to study, a Fitness to Study Panel will be convened to determine more definitive action:

- To determine whether or not you are required to interrupt their studies for a period of time.
- For the Student Support Services to provide advice and support.
- To make arrangements for you to have a named member of staff to keep in contact with.
- To offer you a compulsory part-time route to completing your programme (where appropriate).

Returning to Study

After the time required and where allowed within the University’s Regulations regarding the completion of programme, you may feel ready to return to your studies. Whether you can do so will depend on satisfactory medical evidence of fitness to study from a recognised health professional, and an assessment of need to determine what support is deemed necessary/of benefit, and whether it can be reasonably provided.

Appeal’s Procedure

You have the right to appeal to the Vice-Chancellor within 10 working days. The decision of the Vice-Chancellor shall be final. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can take your case to the Office of Independent Adjudicator within three months of receiving notification that the internal procedures of the University have been completed.

Medical Evidence

You may be asked to provide evidence of recent medical assessment. This should state:

- The nature and extend of any medical condition you may be suffering from
- Your prognosis
- The extent how this may affect your fitness to study
- Any impact it may have or risk it may pose to others
- Whether any steps should be taken by the University
- Whether you will be receiving any on-going medical treatment or support


How can the MDXSU Advice service help? 

Our Advice service is confidential and independent from the University and we can: 

  • Explain the Fitness for Practice regulations and processes
  • Advise you on responding to any allegations
  • Advise on how to put together a statement
  • Accompany you to the meetings with the University
  • Provide ongoing advice throughout the FTP process

You can contact us on studentadvice@mdx.ac.uk or by calling 020 8411 6450.