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Monday 09-11-2020 - 15:42
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In November 2019, MDXSU's previous President was involved in launching the free shuttle bus service that took students from campus all the way to Allianz Park, making it a lot easier for MDX students to arrive to lectures on time without the stress of making the long journey to their classrooms. With the global pandemic disrupting many of our journeys, MDX will continue providing a free shuttle bus service, alongside free parking that will be made available for all students and staff. 

Parking at Allianz Park

Public transport routes can make the journey to and from Allianz Park much longer. In order to support students who can drive to campus - there are 150 parking bays at Allianz Park. To park there you do not have to be permit holders, but you do need to show your Middlesex University ID Card to use the facility.

Shuttle Bus Service

To use the free shuttle service from Allianz Park to the Hendon campus, you must follow social distancing guidelines on the bus – there is capacity for 21 passengers on each trip. However, if you have time, a morning walk through the park could be a great start to the day! You can get directions from the Hendon Campus Map. It’s worth noting that you should factor in additional time for the shuttle bus to make sure that you get to the Hendon campus on time.

Shuttle Service Timetable:

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