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Hey Middlesex! I was going to litter this blog post with period puns, but because this is a BLOODY serious issue, I will just go with the ‘flow’.

So…guess what?! It's finally that time of the month…or, more like the YEAR. The wait is finally over and they are here!




If you haven’t noticed yet, you might start noticing the brand new boxes with sanitary products (pads and tampons), completely free for you to collect, at your discretion ;). 

You can find them in the following bathrooms:

  • Female toilets in the college building;
  • Female toilet in the grove (1st floor);
  • The gender neutral toilet in the college house;
  • Female toilets in the Sheppherd’s Library, second floor (by the silent study area).

We are looking into placing a box as well in the female toilets at the MDX House, eventually. In the meantime, the toilets listed above have a box with free sanitary products, available now!

The purpose of the campaign is to promote the fact that sanitary products should not only be tax free but available FOR FREE.

‘’Over half of all the students at Middlesex menstruate every month. To put this further in context, that’s over half of students on campus spending more than £77 a year on sanitary products. Once you put this cost alongside tuition fees, accommodation prices and ever inflating transport costs that is a lot extra cost that these students incur.’’




These sanitary products that you find in the boxes have been provided to us by sponsors, and the student’s union funds part of the products too. But! Unfortunately, due to demand, our supply is limited, which means at some point, we might run out of these products. We believe that Middlesex University should fund the sanitary products, in order to continue the ‘flow’ of supply available for students.

If you share this belief, you can sign our petition 

I would like to thank our former Vice-President Katie Dragomirova for initiating this amazing campaign, as well as our former campaigns coordinator Rohan Kon for facilitating it, our current campaigns coordinator Sarah Hazlehurst for helping us continue the cause, and last but not least, I want to thank all students and staff that have been involved and supported this campaign.




If you would like to learn more about the Free Periods campaign and would like to be more involved, please do not hesitate to contact myself via facebook or e-mail and/or email Sarah Hazelhurst.

You can also support and give us feedback by posting your #FreePeriods experience and tagging @MDXSU! 

We are very close to our main target, and I am so excited to see where all this takes us.

See y’all around!

Lots of love, Erica Ramos (VP, Business and Law)

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