PASSIVE PINS does Movember

Friday 01-11-2019 - 12:31
Grant 01

PASSIVE PINS does Movember

Written by Grant Kedge, MDXSU Student Staff & MDX Student


Although this month we will see countless amount of facts about mens health and wellbeing but I question about the other 11 months of the year. I've always thought about how quickly after these events everything goes back to normal, so I want to share with you a time where support found me in a moment I didn't think I needed it.


Starting Passive Pins was something that I wanted to do for a long time, but never found a way to express myself in a way I found natural. Even after finding pins as a way of expressing myself, and starting the Passive Pin instagram I did not tell any of my friends or co-workers. I didn't really know why until a colleague at work saw my pins and asked if I made the PassivePin instagram page.


It was after she asked this question that I felt embarrassed and instantly thought about all of the topics like breastfeeding, periods, and prochoice content I have posted. Reluctantly I admitted that the page was mine. I Explained I don't normally advertise that the page is mine because I feel like a 24 year old male shouldn't be talking about this stuff. Her reply was so simple but was exactly what I needed. "Don't you think thats exactly why you should tell people? You could inspire other young men"


So to all the staff at Middlesex University Student Union thank you for being the amazing people you are, and thank you to the co-worker that helped me when I didn't know I needed it.



Head over to PASSIVE PINS and check-out their fun collection! Purchase a pin and you could be passively supporting the communities who need it the most. 



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