Campaign Calls

Alongside our four priority focus areas, campaign research and campaign projects we have also established a set of 5 things we are calling for the University to change, do or introduce by the end of the academic year. 

These calls have come directly from you and what we have been hearing from students across the summer. These are clear and direct things we believe will make the experience of students at Middlesex better. 

We Are Calling For... 

1. The introduce of a (at least) six point instalment option for International Students to pay their fees across the year, similar to that available for Home and EU Students. 

2. A clear and indepdent racism reporting system.This should include a transparent investigation process, which provides those who have epxerienced or have reported racism with timely communication, appropriate support, and respect. 

3. The University to commit to improving the diversity of its Board of Governors, Senior Leadership Team and staff who are directly responsible for investigating, hearing, and ruling on student disciplinary and academic misconduct. 

4. Financial Support and Hardship funds to be clearly promoted to students and resourced to support all those who require financial assistance. 

5. No academic activity to be timetabled to coincide with Muslim Students Friday Prayer, ensuring students are not forced to choose between their education and their religious belief.