Democracy Review

From November 2018, Middlesex University Students' Union will be conducting a year-long review of our democratic structures. 


The purpose of the review is to ensure Middlesex University students have the knowledge, power and resource to make more decisions the way they want to, and are able to tell us when something isn't right. To do this, we will be reviewing our democratic structures, including:


How will this work?

As a student-led democratic organisation, MDX students will be at the heart of the reivew of our structures. The first part of the review is finding out what students think about MDXSU and our structures currently. We will be releasing a survey that any student will be able to tell us their thoughts, and this will be included in our research.


There will also be focus groups with students who engage with MDXSU in a variety of roles, such as Student Groups, Student Voice Leaders and the Student Communities - the first was held at our Student Leaders' Conference on November 8th 2018.


Once we've done the research, we'll make some proposals. These will be presented at the second Student Leaders' Conference in December, and students will be able to have their say on these. We'll then be ready to hold a referendum in the new year! 


The Democracy Review will be lead on by the MDXSU Executive Team, but if you would like to find out more or get involved, contact the Student Voice team by emailing


You can have your say on the Democracy Review now by completing this short survey!