Democracy Review

As your Students' Union, we want to ensure that MDX students have the knowledge, power and resource to make more decisions the way they want to, and are able to tell us when something isn't right.


Over the past term we have conducted a review of our democratic structures, which include making and passing policy, our online Ideas for Change process, our Democracy and Involvement Committee, the Executive Committee (including full-time and part-time officer roles), and the role of Student Leaders' Conferences and School Meetings. We gathered feedback from our Student Voice Leaders, and from all students through an open survey.


Outcomes of our research

As a result of the above feedback, we developed five key principles which we believe that Middlesex University Students' Union should base its democracy on:

  1. MDXSU decision making should include a combination of both online and offline activity

  2. MDXSU decision making should be solution-focused

  3. MDXSU should represent students based on a combination of their academic interests, their identity and circumstance, and their extra-curricular activity

  4. MDXSU should retain elected leaders whilst giving the students the opportunity to have their say

  5. MDXSU should reflect the university’s faculty structure


The next part of this process is to put these suggestions out to all students, for you to either approve or reject. 


We have shaped these principles into three referendum questions, which you can vote on between the Friday 1 March and 2pm Thursday 7 March, alongside the MDXSU Elections.


Click here to vote Yes or No online now.


The Democracy Review is lead on by the MDXSU Executive Team, but if you would like to find out more or get involved, contact the Student Voice team by emailing