Green Impact 

MDXSU is working towards a brighter, greener future. We are dedicated towards working on promoting and improving sustainability at Middlesex University and in the wider community, and have found that often it is little changes that have the biggest impact! Read on for some tips on how you can do your bit.


Reduce and reuse

Save yourself some money: reuse cups and bottles! You can buy a reuseable cup from any of the coffee outlets on campus (or bring your own from home!) and you'll get a discount on hot drinks everytime that you use it. There are also plenty of places on campus where you can refill your water bottle - there's no need to spend a fortune on buying a plastic bottle everyday. Check this list for the locations of water fountains across campus, or download the Refill App here.


Support Fairtrade

Buying Fairtrade products can make a real difference to producers in developing countries by getting them a guaranteed fair price for their goods, which could mean they being able to send their children to school, or put them on the path out of poverty. Buying Fairtrade products is one of the easiest ways we can show compassion and solidarity towards Third World farmers, and it opens our eyes to some of the huge injustices in the world.

You can find out more about what is Fairtrade and how you can buy Fairtrade merchandise and get involved here.

You can also buy Fairtrade on campus, with various food and drink options across campus. MDXSU's official Middlesex University merchandise range also includes lots of Fairtrade items, with everybody in the supply chain being paid a fair wage for their work. Click the following links to find out more about Fairtrade Food and Fairtrade Clothing on campus.


Join a Student Group

MDXSU supports over 90 student groups, including those are taking action on environmental issues. You can find all of our students groups and join online here.


Free cycle hire

MDXSU offers free-to-hire bicycles for students and staff. You can borrow one of our bicycles to help green up your daily commute, find out all about our Freewheelers bicycle hire scheme.


Green recognition

The Green Impact Award is an initiative by the National Union of Students aimed at creating greener campuses, curriculums and communities. For the past three years MDXSU has achieved the NUS Green Impact Bronze Award for our work on sustainability. Middlesex University was also awarded a first in the People and Planet university league table. For more information on the NUS Green Impact programme, click here.