Thank you to everyone who took part in the Student Group Elections!

Now we have our brand new committees for next year, it is time to form our new Student Group Execuative Committee 2019 - 20!



The Student Group Executive Committee are a group of Student Group Committee Leaders who meet every month to decide on the Funding Bids that Societies and Liberation Groups send in to access SU funding. 

Taking one of these roles is a fantastic boost for your CV by giving you proven skills in communication, money managment and team work! It will also aid your society as you get the insider knowledge into how the Student Group funding process works.

The positions availble exsit to ensure as many of our diverse Student Groups can be represented on the Committee as possible. All committee members are welcome to apply for and of the following positions that their society falls under.

The positions availble are:

  • 1 Student Chair
  • 2 elected representatives from faith-based student groups 
  • 2 elected representatives from academic-based student groups 
  • 2 elected representatives from general interest student groups 
  • 2 elected representatives from campaigning student groups
  • 2 elected representatives from international student groups
  • 2 elected representatives from Student Media
  • 2 elected representatives from each of the four Liberation Groups


Important Rules and Notes:

> Only 2019/20 Student Group Committee Members (the committee most recently elected) who have a full committee for the coming academic year can nominate or vote in these elections.

> You can also only have 1 representative from each society, e.g.: there cannot be 2 Committee Members from Christian Union in the 2 availble Faith Based Representative roles.

> There will be no election for the roles of Black Liberation or Studnet Media (POW) until we have a full committee for these groups.




NOMINATIONS: Nominations will open on Monday 28th May and run until Monday 10th June

VOTING PERIOD: Voting will open on Thursday 13th June and stay open until Thursday 20th June


If you have any questions regarding the election, please contact Megan at