Thank you to everyone who took part in the Student Group Elections!



Now that voting has closed and the successful candidates have been announced, your Students' Union will conduct handovers between old and new committee members.

During the handover, old committee members will pass down useful advice, and needed paper work will be signed to ensure the elected committee members are the new legitimate leaders. They will take on the responsibility of running your student group next year, with support through training (during Freshers') by the Students' Union


For all the positions and societies that had no candidates this time round, we will be running By-Elections. The key dates for this are below, and you will all recieve an email with more infomation the week of the 15th April, 2019. To find out more about why you should be a committee member, scroll down the page to read more on this, or contact Megan on



NOMINATIONS PERIOD: Thurs 18 April, 12PM - Fri 26 April, 12PM
Nominations will open on Thursday 18 and close on Friday 26 April. This period is the only chance you will be able to put yourself forward to become a committee member. 

BRIEFINGS: Mon 26 April - Fri 3rd May
There will be both physical and online Candidate Briefings sent to all Candidates in the By-Election. It is highly important you familiarise yourself with the rules during this period. More information to be announced soon.

VOTING PERIOD: Tues 7, 12PM - Tues 14, 12PM May
When voting opens on Tuesday 7 May at 12PM, all student group members will have the opportunity to vote for the candidate they would like to see lead their student group.



You can see the sucsessful candidates from the first set of elections listed below:

Name Positon Society
Babar Popal Society Leader Afghan Society
Jahanzeb Sherzad Secretary Afghan Society
Nawaz khan Shanvari Vice President Afghan Society
Raqib Fundraising Officer Afghan Society
Chloe Fernandes-Mendes Welfare and Inclusivity Officer African-Caribbean Society
David  Temilade Society Leader African-Caribbean Society
Reece Andre Laporte Francis Vice President African-Caribbean Society
Asra Hussein President AhlulBayt Islamic Society (AbSoc)
Hussain Asghari Vice President AhlulBayt Islamic Society (AbSoc)
Lex Weston President Anime & Manga Society
Majid Abdala Secretary Anime & Manga Society
Timur Selim Finance Officer Anime & Manga Society
Amina Sedrati Finance Officer Arab Society
Tasneem Rostom President Arab Society
Aashi Tejwani President Bollywood Society
Nishtha Relan Vice President Bollywood Society
Sri Anthati Treasurer Bollywood Society
Sureni Raveendrarajan PR Officer Bollywood Society
Petria Koumi Vice President Burlesque and Pole Dancing
Tin Man Wu Society Leader Chinese Christian Club
stephen dedeke President Christian Union
Maddie King Finance Officer Complementary and Alternative Medicine Academic Society (CAMAS)
Maddie King Treasurer Criminology & Sociology Academic Society
Barbora Bilaninova President Czech & Slovak Society
Diana Pelescakova Events Officer Czech & Slovak Society
Joseph Parrett Events Officer Dance Society
Shona Phillips Finance Officer Dance Society
Johnathan McGrath-Osborne Vice President Debating Society
Lisa Hunt Treasurer Debating Society
Timur Selim President Debating Society
Natasha White Vice President Disabled Students Liberation Group
Aisha Iddrisu-Prince PR Officer Entrepreneurs Society
Ashraf Khalifa Mahgoub Vice President Entrepreneurs Society
Karolina Karaskova Society Leader Entrepreneurs Society
Aya Mohammed President European Law Students' Association
Zubiah Farooqi VP: Marketing European Law Students' Association
Neema Mukundwa Secretary General European Law Students' Association
Jonathan Enyim-Otebil Finance Officer Games Society
Majid Abdala Vice President Games Society
Vlada Sosis President Games Society
Lily Ferreira Society Leader Gig-Going Society
Melissa Nabre Society Leader Harry Potter Society
Natalie Rose Vice President Harry Potter Society
Petria Koumi Finance Officer Harry Potter Society
Rebecca Torrie Society Leader Hive Potential Sociaty
Aashi Tejwani President Indian Society
Krushika Puttaswamy Gowda Events Officer Indian Society
Nishtha Relan Vice President Indian Society
Ritika Bajaj Finance Officer Indian Society
Ayop Ballaz President Islamic Society (ISOC)
Farhana Zara Miah Head Sister Islamic Society (ISOC)
Jamil Miah PR Officer Islamic Society (ISOC)
Adam Medina Inclusion Officer Islamic Society (ISOC)
Mihad Mohamed Events Officer Islamic Society (ISOC)
Charlotte Santer President Jewish Society
Debbie Harris Vice President Jewish Society
Rachel Natasha Landau Vice President Jewish Society
Raffy Zysblat Treasurer Jewish Society
Johnathan McGrath-Osborne Society Leader Journalism Society
Melissa Nabre Finance Officer Journalism Society
Rachel Samweli Vice President Korean Culture Society
Saika Nasrin Namira Finance Officer Korean Culture Society
Sara Nilsson President Korean Culture Society
Cristian Salazar Urquiza President Latin American Society
Iqra Madni President Law Society
Joss Munson Publicity Officer LGBT+ Students Liberation Group
Lisa Hunt Vice President LGBT+ Students Liberation Group
Varun Jotwani Treasurer LGBT+ Students Liberation Group
Amy Chan Assistant MDX CSSA
Jie Gong Vice President MDX CSSA
Yuqiang Zhu Society Leader MDX CSSA
Zhai Yichen Finance Officer MDX CSSA
Maddie King Treasurer MDX Hack Team
Aashi Tejwani Vice President MDX S.T.E.M. (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathamatics) Society
Maddie King Finance Officer MDX S.T.E.M. (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathamatics) Society
Zak Morrison President MDX S.T.E.M. (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathamatics) Society
Sabren Amin President Modest Fashion
Maddie King Finance Officer Natural Sciences Academic Society
Kristina Sotiris Secretary/Admin Painting Society
Sean Hill Treasurer Painting Society
Vlada Sosis President Painting Society
Haneef Khan Society Leader Pakistan Society
Arron Wilder Assistant Director Performing Arts Society
Isabel Mouchos De Baere Campos Neves PR Officer Portuguese Society
Luana Homem Cristo De Oliveira Annes President Portuguese Society
Luana Homem Cristo De Oliveira Annes Vice President Portuguese Society
Maddie King Finance Officer Psychology Society
Natasha White President Psychology Society
Maddie King Finance Officer Public Health Society
Kelly Adriana Almonacid Godoy Administrator Salem Society
Raphael Chukwuka Ejime President Salem Society
Katya Turikova Vice President Salem Society
Joseph Cawte Treasurer Science Fiction & Fantasy Society
Max Von Hagen Vice President Science Fiction & Fantasy Society
Luka Lah Vice President Singers & Musicians Society
Matt Ketley President Singers & Musicians Society
Rupak Lingwal Treasurer Singers & Musicians Society
Nadia Mohammed Secretary Somali Society
Anu Suthakaran President Tamil Society
Laxszaa Kaneswaran Dance Choreographer Tamil Society
Thanes Shandirasekaran Football Captain Tamil Society
Aashi Tejwani President Women Student Liberation Group
Ayesha Rao Events Officer Women Student Liberation Group
Lisa Hunt Treasurer Women Student Liberation Group
Petria Koumi Vice President Women Student Liberation Group



  • Running a Liberation Group or Society is an amazing way to boost your skills - as well as a lot of fun and a great way to take a break from your studies.
  • You will gain experience in event coordination, working with groups of people, project coordinating and even gain finance skills.
  • By being part of one of these groups, you get access to a pot of money every month and as a committee member, you can help your society access that money to help achieve all of your society goals and put on a range of  exciting events.

All these skills are highly transferable and looks great on your CV!



By being part of a Student Group, you can make change on campus, in the wider community and even on a national level! This is especially true for our four Liberation Groups that are made up of a committee and members who identify into one or more of the following groups:

Not only will you help ensure safe spaces for your community, but also access campaigning advice from the Students' Union - gain funding for events and campaign for causes you care about! You will also work closely with our full-time officers to collaborate on big-scale campaigns that could improve the lives of thousands of students who often feel discriminated against.