Albanian Society

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Welcome to Albanian Society!!!


The purpose of the Society is to ensure that there is communication and support for all Albanian students and those interested in Albania and its culture, who are currently studying at Middlesex University. 

The continually increasing number of students from Albania has forced us to establish a platform that provides support for Albanian students at Middlesex and future students from the region.



The Albanian Society MDX (Alb Soc MDX) Aims to:


Promote awareness, tolerance, and peace in issues relating to Albania in Middlesex University.

Achieve the ultimate goal of peace which resides in shared knowledge and understanding and it is for this reason that the ALB SOC goals include promoting an understanding of Albanian literature, history, culture, and politics to audience who are not aware of it. 


Our main objective for this term are as following:


Have a respectful discussion or dialogue on issues that affects the lives of Albanians in or outside Albania.

ALB SOC is open to Albanians, Non-Albanians, members or non-members of MDXU with an interest in Albania.

Entertain our members through cultural events for fundraisings that helps our surrounding communities. 


We are linked with other Albanian Societies at other universities like:

- City, University of London

- Queen Mary University of London

- Coventry University

- Brunel University London

- University of Warwick

- University College London

- University of Kent 

Plus Many More.