Chess Society

  • Chess clothing


Note: Please feel free to bring in your own chessboards. We highly encourage students to do so. The more chessboards, the more people can play and happily against each other with.


Every Wednesday and Friday


ALL IS WELCOME TO JOIN - Sign up on the MDXSU webpage to get started and be a part of the MDX Chess Society.


For more information and updates follow us on:

Facebook - MDXChessSociety

Instagram - MDXChess


• You don't have to be a professional player just to take part. We have players of all levels. If you're new to Chess or want to learn you are more than welcome to join. There will be casual gaming sessions as well as competitive plays. Socialise and play against other students for fun, competitively or participate in our tournaments, outings and events. We are open to suggestions and if you have any other ideas you wish for us to take on board, just let us know.


Join our WhatsApp group chat to be always in touch and to stay up-to-date with all the news:


Society representatives & contact info: 

1. Founder/President (Captain) and Public Relations Officer: Moh Fazli

2. Vice-President (Vice-Captain): Spot open

3. Finance Officer: Kit-Long Siu

4. Secretary: Eduard Kiriyenko

5. Welfare & Inclusivity Officer: Spot open

6. Events Officer: Spot open

7. Society Designer: Spot open