Complementary and Alternative Medicine Academic Society C.A.M.A.S.

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CAMAS is committed to promoting awareness of CAM therapies within MU by providing educational activities in the 4 Alternative disciplines of Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine offered by Middlesex University. Activities will range from guest speakers to yoga classes with the primary aim of developing interdisciplinary communication and cooperation as well as providing an environment to introduce new students to CAM.





To provide a wide range of activities including:​


  • Guest Speakers from all of the UK from important figures in CAM about research and practice
  • Yoga classes to improve awareness of yogic lifestyles and health and well being
  • Visits to science and herbal museums and gardens to study herbs, science and medicine and initiate open discussion
  • Herbal tea tasting parties to create awareness of well-being products available and initiate discussion into herbal usage across all disciplines
  • Therapy parties and fundraising events to allow members to sample therapies and provide and environment for training practitioners to improve their skills
  • Networking socials where members can get to know one another and network for future relationships within the CAM industry
  • To raise awareness of Complementary therapies and Alternative approach to health and well-being both within Middlesex University (including those offered at the park clinic) as well as in the UK as a whole.
  • To market The Park Clinic with the purpose of increasing patient turnover and improve student learning.
  • To strengthen the relation between the next generation of CAM practitioners for the future benefit of our patients.
  • To show people the importance of self-awareness and how to be in charge of your own lifestyle and health.



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