Iraqi Society

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Welcome to the Iraqi society at Middlesex University


We are a society that wants to unite all Iraqis and non-Iraqis and create a great atmosphere for everyone!


Our main aim is to unite all Iraqis to share experiences and create unforgettable memories with everyone.


Main Events for 2021/22:

  • Movie Nights.
  • Academic Trips.
  • Social Events.
  • Cultural Events.


Your Committee Members for 2021/22:


Sondos Nafie (President) - 


Irtiza Majeed (Events Officer) - Originally from Pakistan, Irtiza Majeed is a research student (Criminology) at the School of Law. He is an International Student Ambassador and Union Council Representative at the MDX Students Union. His interests include entrepreneurship, investments, swimming, and traveling. Click here to get in touch with him.


let's embrace our beautiful culture together!