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🏆Society of the year 2020 🏆


Hello, It's good to see you-


Join the Whatsapp group : MDX Kpop&Culture Society


Welcome to Korean Society, where we uptake challenges, movie nights, club events, karaoke, and everything else you can think of! We are a group of like-minded people who share the same love and interest for the culture and lifestyle of Korea and K-Pop. Join us to meet friends that you will keep for your uni or perhaps for life!


About us:

Established in 2019; We went onto winning 'Society of the Year 2020' and we aim to start a streak.

We currently have a K-Dance group called 'M9TEEN' and by popular demand, we are bringing it back this year!



🎶🎤In this society we have done, and will do more of (may differ due to COVID-19 situation):

  •  K-Pop dance lessons
  •  Karaoke outings
  •  K-drama/K-movie nights
  •  K-Pop club nights
  •  Fundraising/Volunteering 
  •  Activity Park visits

Photos and videos can be seen here!



🥡Weekly meeting🥡:

Tuesdays: 6pm -8pm
Online Zoom/Discord with different events each week.

  • With the updated guidelines our session will be done online. Join the WhatsApp chat to find out more!
  • Visit our Instagram for the full timetables (Updated monthy) @mdxkpop 


Click on "events" to get further details about each week!



👯‍♀️🎉Dance Crew: M9TEEN

  • A dance crew under the K-Pop and Culture society with regular practices for future performances and competitions
  • Practices (at least) 6-8pm Mondays and Wednesdays, plus full day (6+ hours) weekend practices closer to performances
  • M9TEEN works in a graduate system, which means there will be re-auditions every October for both old and new members! Next years crew could therefore be completely different, or a mix of old and new members. Next years judges will be the top 2 members of the crew, as voted by the current crew members
  • If you have any questions concerning M9TEEN you can contact the society through e-mail or WhatsApp!

🕺2nd generation, current members (2020-21)💃:

  • Chae (M9TEEN Dance captain 2021)
  • Yuki (M9TEEN Dance captain 2020)
  • Charis
  • Naomi
  • Kaz
  • Azeil


📌Want to keep updated?📌

  • Join our WhatsApp groupchat (DM or email for details!)
  • Instagram: @mdxkpop (do DM us if you have any questions)
  • Feel free to mail us if you have any questions!
    (please allow us 1-3 business days for a response)




*We do not tolerate any type of hate in this society. Fans of any type of group or celebrity should be treated with respect. If you dislike a group or celebrity etc. keep it to yourself and let the others enjoy. There's no need to spread hate ;)*



Committee members 2020/2021:

President: Alex Shin - @alex_shinjy

Vice President: Debbie Ho - @debebeie

Finance Manager: Charis - @charis.b

Events Orgaiser: Chae - @chaaee.prk

Marketing Director: Aleksandra - @aleksmusielak