SHAREDIN (Student Healthcare Academics Race Equality Diversity Inclusivity Network)

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Student Healthcare Academics Race Equality Diversity and Inclusivity Network (SHAREDIN) aims to reach nursing students from the Black Asian and Minority (BAME) background to ensure that their voices are heard in the faculty and university. SHAREDIN are inclusive so members are also non-BME, and belong to protected discriminated characteristics too. The group was founded in 2019 by Simone Gordon and Simone Watson and works as a mirror group to the nursing academics version known as Healthcare Academics Race Equality Network in Higher Education (HAREDIN). Together both networks have demonstrated and made a positive impact to the Race Equality and Diversity agenda of Middlesex University in Nursing and in the placement area. They have also shown outstanding contributions to tackle issues that affect nursing academics and nursing students both internally in the university and externally to support each other and improve experiences of staff and students by collectively influencing change in the field of equality and diversity, going as far to gain support of the alumni students. We welcome YOU to be a part of this!

The current leadership of the group in the new year (2020) is from Jezelle Miller, Elisha Gardner, Soriba Jabee and Martha Mutoni with the guidance of Sheila Sobrany and Georgina Cox, they organise new members BME and Non-BME to join and gain recognition for the network by the MDXSU (student union). They lead on meetings with the mirror network Healthcare Academics, Race Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity Network (HAREDIN). By working in partnership also with HAREDIN, and the alumni students (who are currently in practice), as well as clinicians in order to improve the experience of Minority Ethnic healthcare students.

What you can expect being a member of SHAREDIN?

Support networks and initiatives such as the WOKE and spoke café for students who are experiencing issues with their studies. The elected chairs are excellent role models to students and confident in pointing out pitfalls and dangers they need to avoid in their learning, in a conscious, respectful and dignified, light-hearted manner. Many of the students share their experiences of being in full-time education and parents, juggling their studies to get the learning done. Being student-lead we are able to guide and support each other as well as organised webinars with BME Role models in nursing.

We will be celebrating Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic health histories in healthcare. Planning monthly/ bi-monthly meetings via zoom, teams or face to face where students can share their experiences, ask for advice and receive updates on current issues in healthcare. Networking events, stalls at student fairs, dinners and mentoring from RN in practice.

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