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The Echo is a free newspaper at Middlesex University. It's created entirely by students and aims to echo the voices of MDX Students all across the campus.


The Echo was set up in 2019 and printed its first issue in March 2019. It now plans to print on a monthly basis, with content ranging from advice columns on student life to news articles covering sports events, academic accomplishments and other important university updates. You can pick up a free copy on campus at one of our distribution spots (MDX House/ Shepard's Library). It's easy to join, and any student is welcome to become a contributor.


Please check out our available jobs here or email us at to find out more about how you can get involved.


Current Roles:

News Editor, Photography Editor, Fashion Editor and Fine Art Editor.

*Click on the link above for the role you are interested in, and make sure to fill out this FORM and return it to apply.


Editor-In-Chief, Antonio Dias


Antonio Dias is studying Marketing at Middlesex and he is in his second year. He became the Editor-in-Chief of The Echo in the beginning of 2020 aspiring to bringing news about our student and much contemporary-relevant topics. 


He will connect Middlesex students with each other online, with the help of his team and contributors, with passion and dedication, through our student-led newspaper

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