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Welcome to the Unlimited Potential Society


The Unlimited Potential Society is a student support network that aims to help students realise their unlimited potential and promotes self-development.


We'll do this by:

  • Actively identifying physical and mental barriers to students' study and helping them overcome them

  • Helping students get the most out of their university life by promoting everything mdx has to offer and creating social and engagement events

  • Identifying life skills that will be important to a students success during and after university including general life skills



What is Unlimited Potential Society? Unlimited Potential Society was founded in 2016 by Andre Thompson when he saw the Mental Health and wellbeing provisions for students at the university were lacking for a large number of students at Middlesex University. What do we do? The societies priority is to help students achieve their full potential. This will be done both through campaigning to get better links between the university counselling services and NHS Mental Health services. Educating the university population about mental illness and tackling the stigma surrounding mental illness through art exhibitions, videos and other fun activities. We will be arranging external sessions with various organisations such as Community Focus Articulate.

What Have we done?

Last academic year we worked towards improving student’s wellbeing whilst they are at university. We did this through bringing people together with mindfulness colouring sessions. Holding a Charity performance evening as well as a bake sale to raise money for student minds. We also held an art exhibition to promote awareness and education around mental illness. The main aim of the society this year is to raise awareness and campaign to allow students to achieve their full potential whilst at university.

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/MDXUnlimitedPotential

MDX Motivation & StudySkills Hub: www.facebook.com/groups/mdxmotivationhub/

MDX Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Hub: www.facebook.com/groups/mdxhealthfitnesshub/

Twitter: www.twitter.com/MDXUnlimited

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mdxmotivation/

Email: unlimitedpotentialsoc@mdxsu.com




Executive Committee

President - Rebecca Torrie

Vice President - Carlos D'Assunção

Finance Officer - Vancant Elections open go here to join our committee the finance officer is responsible for making sure the society behaves in a way which is financially responsible. You will also be contributing to a committee to help students achieve their full potential whilst at University.