Our Housing Campaign

For students at Middlesex University, housing is a top priority.


Whether you're living in one of our Halls of Residence, or renting from a local landlord, students have always had struggles with housing, and Middlesex Students' Union has always been fighting to help them.


This year will we be campaigning to both tackle issues with housing in the private rented sector and in Halls of Residence. Read on for more information.


Private Accommodation

This year MDXSU is taking practical steps to fight the rise of bad landlords in the local area, with Vice President Art & Design and Media & Performing Arts, Joe Cox and President, Ben Edwards leading on the campaign.

We have already made big steps on this campaign this year:

  • Ran a listening campaign to find out what housing issues students at Middlesex are facing. We found that many students are living in appaling conditions, paying extortinate rents and facing unfair evictions. We also found that students would like to report their bad landlords, but don't feel supported by Local Authorities to do so.
  • Collaborated with Citizens UK and other community groups in London to organise an Assembly to stand up to the London Deputy Mayor for Housing and demand he provide Local Authorities with more funding to support tenants who want to report bad landlords - and he agreed to our demands!
  • Introduced Housing Community Placement opportunities for students with Generation Rent and checking HMO licences with the Council.
  • We are using our standing in the local community to pressure bad landlords to improve their practices and be better for students.


Now we are devising a list of asks for the upcoming Barnet Council elections to pressure the Council candidates to introduce new support for tenants in the local area. Keep an out out for the Hustings event and come along to demand better housing rights!


Halls of Residence

This year MDXSU have taken steps to improve accommodation for those students in halls.

We working to implement:

  • Emergency Halls accomodation for students who need it.
  • Build a Halls community so students don't feel isolated living away for home for the first time.
  • Create a 'Know Your Rights' pack so that students feel more confident in moving from Halls into the Private Rented Sector.