MDX Home Community Kitchen

The MDX Home Community Kitchen was established by Middlesex Students’ Union in September 2016, led by MDXSU elected Student Officers Joe Cox and Orla Hillary alongside Middlesex University students.


The initiative provides local homeless people and those in need with hot meals, legal and medical services, and a safe, friendly place to socialise and relax. The Community Kitchen is held on the first Saturday of each month (10am - 3pm) on the Middlesex University London campus.


Would you like to get involved?

The Community Kitchen would not be possible with student, staff and local volunteers. ​There are lots of ways to get involved, and we're particularly looking for:

  • Volunteers to collect, prepare and/or serve hot meals.
  • Volunteers for outreach work in the days and evenings leading up to each event.
  • Nursing students, to provide medical assistance and mental health care, under qualified supervision. Local doctors will also be dropping in too.
  • Law students, to provide legal advice and assistance and help filling in governmental forms.
  • Individual food donations, supplementing food provided by our local Tesco and the Claddagh Ring.
  • Clothes donations - you can contribute to our clothes bank by visiting the MDXSU Welcome Desk.
  • Local barbers and hairdressers to lend their services.


If you would like to utilise your skills while helping the local community, we'd love for you to get involved - whether that's volunteering to cook or prepare food, offering medical or legal help, providing other useful skills or simply donating tinned goods.


You can read more about the launch event on our website, or as reported in the local community here.


To find out more, please contact, or speak direct to Vice President Joe Cox at




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Registered Office: Middlesex University Students' Union, The Burroughs, Hendon, NW4 4BT
Registered Charity Number: 1140254

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