Your MDXSU Executive Committee

Middlesex Students' Union is led by it's Executive Committee, 10 students elected to represented your views.


The Executive Committee is made up of the 4 full time student officers and 6 part time School Voice Leaders. You can find out who this is for 2018/19 is by reading about your representatives.


All members of the Executive Committee are elected by Middlesex students through the annual MDXSU Elections in March. It is there job to ensure that the work of MDXSU reflect the  views of Middlesex students, and they also ensure that all policy put forward by students - whether through the online ideas for change or at School Meetings - are worked on by the Students' Union.


The Executive Committee meet 6 times per academic year to make decisions relating to the running of MDXSU, report on their campaigns and discuss policy development. 


The meetings for 2018/19 will be:


Meeting Date
Thursday 22th November
Monday 10th December
Monday 28th January
Monday 18th February
Monday 22nd April
Monday 13th May