Nishtha Relan - Vice President Arts & Creative Industries

The Vice President Art & Creative Industries represents all students studying art and creative courses at Middlesex and works closely with the Student Voice Leaders for Art, Design, Media and Performing ArtsEach Student Officer also has particular interests in and responsibilities for other areas of student life.

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Welcome to Middlesex University! I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and elected me as your Vice President for Arts and Creative Industries for the year ahead. I am here to support and represent your voice across all aspects of student life, and to ensure that you have the best experience at Middlesex University.  

As my slogan stated, “A vote for me is a vote for you, vote Nishtha to represent you”, I will strive to be your voice in every meeting I attend and ensure your voice is at the centre of every decision we make. As I am now representing your voice, your needs as students is my utmost priority, we together can make Middlesex University a better place, so please don’t hesitate to contact me for any concerns or issues you may have while studying at Middlesex University. I am always free to have a chat with you about your life at MDX.

Please feel free to drop your issues and concerns about your experience at Middlesex University or if you have any questions regarding the Students’ Union, feel free to contact me on my social media or drop me an email at