School Voice Leaders

School Voice Leaders

Your six School Voice Leaders are elected to represent students within their respective Schools: Art & Design, Media & Performing Arts, Business, Law, Health & Education and Science & Technology.


They work closely with our full-time Student Officers and Student Voice Leaders as well as the university, helping to improve the experience of students in their School and more widely. As members of the Executive Committee with the President and Vice President, they also help direct the work of the Students' Union and create policy on student ideas.


They work part-time, and are elected annually by students in our MDXSU Elections during February-March each year.


Amy Maier Perrin
Art & Design School Voice Leader

Hi there! I’m Amy - also nicknamed Maier - and I study BA Fine Art. During the end of my first year I ventured out of my comfort zone by joining a Students’ Union campaign and enjoyed the experience so much that I decided to get stuck in. Since then I’ve been a Student Voice Leader; a Student Staff member; the LGBT Assembly’s Vice President; and creator of a diversity-themed event week, The Liberation Station, for which I was lucky enough to win a MDXSU award. Being part of the SU is brilliant and as a Grove student it’s important to collaborate and take advantage of unique opportunities at university. From innovative exhibitions to societies to volunteering with the local community, the SU has something for everyone! Along with encouraging you guys to make the most of your student life, my role as SVL is to help make effective changes on campus so that Art & Design students have the best time possible at Middlesex. If you have any ideas or concerns, please feel free to contact me!



Kristine Clark
Media & Performing Arts School Voice Leader


I am a 3rd year Advertising, Public Relations, and Media student. As an international student from the U.S.A, my time here at Middlesex has been one of the most cultivating and most humble experiences I've had in the past 2 years and I can't wait to see what the next year will bring within both the university and students' union. From becoming a student voice leader since my first year to working at the Welcome Desk in the SU, I have met wonderful people from many vibrant cultures and backgrounds that have helped me understand what it is about Middlesex that makes it how it is. I hope to be your go-to person to help make your experience at Middlesex the best yet! Feel free to drop me a message or greet me if you have ideas to share to improve your experience. I'm always here to lend a hand!






Khawaja Aftab
Business School Voice Leader







Adriana Lourenço
Law School Voice Leader


It is never too late to get involved, me for example I only really started getting involved with working with the Student's Union and Societies in my 2nd year. My first year at University was all about meeting new people and learning about my course. I have met great people who are now very close friends. In my 2nd year I decided to put myself out there and get involved, as I learned more about University life and the impact we can all have in changing students' lives in and out of campus. I tried to get involved with societies and the students' union. In my 2nd year I became the student voice leader for my own course, representing my fellow students. It was an experience I enjoyed very much and would definitely recommend. As your present Law School Voice Leader, I hope to be able to represent you as best as I can. And be helpful and useful whenever you need me.



Amy Satterthwaite
Health & Education School Voice Leader


In my first year at MDX I focused on my course and didn’t know much about what MDXSU did. Towards the end of first year I got involved with a campaign and went on the student leaders residential. At the residential I made many new friends; learnt more about what the SU did and became more interested in the projects they were planning for the next year. At the start of second year I joined the Women’s liberation group and helped spread the word at freshers’ fair and events and campaigns during the year. Throughout the year I also got involved with other societies like the Unlimited Potential society and RAG (Raise & Give). Another project I was involved a lot in was MDX Home Community Kitchen which I volunteered at nearly every month; leading to me winning Volunteer of the year at MDXSU Awards night.

The student’s union has given me many great opportunities to help others outside of my course; make new friends and improve my confidence. I look forward to working with many more people this year and getting students involved with MDXSU activities and the many opportunities it provides.



Natasha White
Science & Technology School Voice Leader


I'm your School Voice Leader for Science and Technology. I'm just going into my second year of BSc Psychology, and have loved my first year at MDX. This year I want to make a list of local work experience opportunities to make it easier to find placements, and a network of contacts for students and future alumni of the school to be able to contact and work with each other. I'd love to meet you all, and if you've got any questions, suggestions or ideas then grab me around campus. 




Student Voice Leaders

Student Voice Leaders are elected to represent students within your year of your individual course. They are trained by the Students' Union and attend Boards of Studies, where they have the opportunity to offer feedback directly to university staff who are responsible for running your course.


It's a flexible, part-time role requiring just six hours of your time per term, where you get the opportunity to be part of a thriving student leader community and work closely with the University and Students' Union to create changes that students want to see. MDXSU will give you all the training and support you need, equipping you with skills to improve your employability.


For more information please about taking on the Student Voice Leader role please contact

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