What is MDXCrowdFund?

Middlesex University has its own crowdfunding platform for students and staff called MDXCrowdfund. This offers an alternative way of raising funds for your society or any personal project.


What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding allows a lot of people to make small donations to projects that interest them.

Project donors can be very varied – from family members, friends, Middlesex University students, staff and graduates, to local businesses or anybody with a shared interest.

In return for their support, project donors receive a small gift related to the crowdfunding project. This could be anything from a shout out on a Facebook page, a ticket to a society event or even a society T-shirt.


Who can use MDXCrowdfund?

MDXCrowdfund is open to all Middlesex University students and staff.


What kinds of projects are suitable?

The sky is the limit! Each project is judged on its own goals and merits, and the level of organisation and commitment demonstrated by the individual or group of individuals involved. You could crowdfund for any number of things related to your society (or unrelated!). For university societies, this could include raising money for: 

- A society event

- Society equipment

- To host a guest speaker

- Society marketing materials (flyers, etc)

- Competition entry fees (e.g. if your society is likely to take part in national competitions)

- Society T-shirts.


The one bit of advice we would give though is that it is better to try and raise cash for a particular project, as opposed to simply saying, 'I want to raise money for my society' - without spelling out how you will use funds raised.


Why should I use MDXCrowdFund?

  1.     Support and advice - The MDXCrowdfund team offers advice on everything from putting together a crowdfunding campaign, to how to promote it and to whom. There are also various helpful guides available through MDXCrowdfund itself.


  1.     Greater promotion for your campaign - Middlesex University has an extensive network of contacts and supporters. While it remains up to you to do the promotional leg work for your campaign, the MDXCrowdfund team promote the platform and featured projects to this network.


  1.     Trust - The fact MDXCrowdfund is run by a respected university like Middlesex University helps to reassure donors that their money will be put to good use!


  1.     100% of what you raise - Middlesex University covers the costs associated with payment processing so you get 100% of the money you raise.


Find out more...

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