Society Recognition Scheme

MDXSU Societies Recognition Scheme


This year we are introducing a new and improved Societies Recognition Scheme to celebrate the work of all our amazing societies and reward them with some exciting prizes! The criteria for each award has been developed to increase inclusivity, collaborations with other societies, and the success of your events.

Up for grabs are our three main awards: Bronze, SilverGold and Green! To achieve the Bronze award you must complete all of the bronze criteria. To gain the Silver Award you must complete all of the bronze and silver crieteria, and to get the Gold Award, you must achieve all of the bronze, silver and gold criteria.

This year we are also introducing the brand new Green award, which will help you and your society to become more environmentally friendly. In order to achieve this award, you must complete at least 5 of the 10 criteria.

For winning each award, you and your society will be rewarded with some impressive prizes, which will be announced at the beginning of the first term. Below is a preview of the Recognition Scheme, so that you can get a head start and get involved!


- Recruit 10 society members

- Have a 1-2-1 meeting with the Student Groups Coordinator to discuss action plan for the year

- Host at least 2 alcohol free socials

- Host at least 3 small events

- Raise money for charity- either independently or in collaboration with RAG society

- Complete 1 criteria from the Green Award criteria




- Collaborate with at least one other society or liberation group to plan and host an event

- Appoint a welfare officer on your committee

- Celebrate a nationally recognised holiday as a society- e.g. International Women’s’ Day, LGBT+ Month

- Collaborate with POW! Media to promote your society or a society event

- Take part in fresher's and re-fresher’s to recruit new society members

- Complete 2 criteria from the Green Award criteria



- Actively support a campaign at MDX as a society

- Have over 50 people attend your society event

- Identify alternative options to fund an event e.g. crowd funding

- Collaborate with 2 different societies or liberation groups to plan events

- Hold at least 1 wellbeing session each term, e.g. stress relief activities, study sessions

- Complete 3 criteria from the Green Award criteria




1. Only buy exact numbers of food and water products required to reduce wastage

2. Donate left over food to food banks or shelters

3. Choose Fairtrade food options when possible to cater events

4. Limit the amount of events held in high energy usage venues e.g. MDX House

5. Keep track of and reduce your printing and paper usage

6. Include a ‘Recycle me’ badge on all posters and flyers

7. Reduce and Recycle any plastic packaging required

8. Engage in one or more of the Student Union’s Environmentally impactful activities.

9. Engage in one or more of the University’s Environmentally impactful activities.

        10. Run an event or activity which benefits or campaings for the environment either independently or in collaboration with an existing campaign or green society



Download this Tracker Form to track your progress for each award across the year, ready to submit at the end of the academic year along with evidence you may have such as photos and videos!

Contact our Student Groups Coordinator at if you have any questions.