How to Stand

It's good to see you're interested in standing to be a Student Voice Leader this year! This page will show you how you need to go about nominating yourself!

Step one: Go to, and log in!

Handy, because you're already on the website. All you need to do now is log in by clicking on the purple box, and using your UniHub log on details. 





Step 2: Go to and find your degree and year in Current Nominations

 Check your degree and year are correct, and then click Submit. If there is an error,     contact




Step 3: Upload a picture, complete your manifesto and submit your nomination!


 Here you can change how your name appears on your ballot, but remember it'll need to be   something your fellow students will recognise you as. You can add a picture, and update you   manifesto here. You can come back to this page to edit your manifesto as many times as you   like up until the close of nominations. After this, you won't be able to edit anything, Once you're   done, click submit nomination. 






Step 4: Finish your nomination by completing the questionnaire
Shortly after we've recieved your nomination, you will be sent an email to your MDX account asking you to provide some information that will complete your nomination. Your nomination is not complete until this is done. 

Remember, you can go back an edit your manifesto up until the close of nominations.