Academic Campaigns

What are MDXSU working on? 

Your Vice President of Health & Education and Science & Technology, Rahma Ali, is working closely with the University to improve multiple aspects of academic life for MDX students.

Rahma is working with the university to create a central feedback policy for lecturers to use when giving feedback, ensuring that all students get the same high quality of feedback to work no matter what subject or school you are studying in. Rahma is also working closely with liberation groups to resolve specific issues within academic study that effect students who face discrimination. This has begun by working with the Disabled Students' Liberation group on highlighting the hidden extra fees which disabled students are faced with throughout their time studding at MDX. 

As part of our work on your academic experience, MDXSU will also look at ways to boost students' employability and help you to gain extra skills, as well as a number of events aiming to empower students from different backgrounds.


How can I get involved? 

If you would like to be updated on our academic campaigns, please become a member of our campaign group to receive regular news and updates. You can join online here. By joining this group, you will receive emails around policy wins and improvements to your academic life, as well as opportunities to be involved in focus groups and panel discussions throughout the year. You can view upcoming events at