Before you apply

Each of our Community Placement is advertised and recruited like a part-time job so will follow a process very similar that you will find in external companies. This means whether or not you are successful in your application you will gain some valuable experience.


Please Note; As all MDXSU Community Placements are paid positions, successful candidates will need to have the Right to Work in the UK.


The Process

First off all of our opportunities are advertised on the MDXSU Community Placement web pages and through MIddlesex University Unitemps online system. All opportunities will only be available for applications up until a certain date so please read the advert carefully. It may will also list the interview date so it may worth considering your availability for that date at this stage. 

After the closing date all the applications will got through a shortlisting process, those successful will be contacted and invited to an interview.

Candidates who are successful at the interview stage will be offered a Community Placement with the appropriate external partner.


First things first, Register with Unitemps

All Community Placements are contained on Middlesex's Unitemps site along with loads of other great opportunities for part time work. To apply for any of these you first need to register and create an account.

You can do this do following this link or by going straight to 

Remember to select 'Middlesex' as your Primary Unitemps Branch


At the application stage?

Each of our opportunities has an attached Placement Pack and job advert be sure to read this before starting your application, it has some key information about the role and what skills are required.

To apply for an opportunity simply view it on Unitemps and then complete a Cover Letter  giving as much detail as possible.

For each application we will ask to respond to the following questions;

1. What interests you about this opportunity?

This is the space to talk about your motivations to apply it will help the reader to get a sense of your personal connection to this placement.

It is also the place to demonstrate to us that you understand the role that you are applying for, so have a read of the job advert on Unitemps and pick out a couple of things that really interest you about this role.

You might want to think about;

  • Is it related to your course?
  • Do you have a passion for the cause?
  • Do you think you will be particularly good at it?
  • Have you done something similar in the past?
  • Is it related to a future career you want to pursue?
  • Do you need to do a placement?
  • What made you look at this opportunity and go "Oh! I want that".


2. Why are you the perfect candidate for this placement?

Here, we want you to talk about any skills or experience you have. You don’t even need to have experience in a related field. Have you ever had a part time or weekend job? Have you ever volunteered somewhere?

For each of the essential criteria listed below give one example from your previous roles and describe in a sentence or two how this experience has allowed you to develop each of the skills listed.

After that you may want to do the same for any criteria listed as desirable.

It doesn’t matter what it was, tell us about it. Everything you do provides you with valuable life skills, even high school. Think about what skills you have developed without even realising it, and how you can transfer them across to this placement. How are your organisational, time keeping, communication, and independent working skills?

Always give examples of situations in which you gained the skills you have mentioned..


3. Finally, why is this experience important to you?

Here you can tell us about how this role will support your personal development, develop your skills, complement your studies and/or benefit you in the future.

So you could talk about your aspirations for the future and you could also bring some bigger visions of how you think this placement role could benefit the community, as a result why it is important for you to be involved.

Be honest. What are you going to get out of this?

  • Is it going to help your future career?
  • Do you just want to be involved in something that interests you?
  • Does the project strike a chord with you?
  • Do you want to explore different industries, so you can decide what you want to do in the future?
  • Are you going to do something new and develop new skills?
  • Are you going to improve the skills you already have?
  • Will it complement your studies?
  • Will it help you personally?


Take your time with the application form. Think carefully about what you want us to know. If you follow these tips, you are sure to have an application that sticks out from the crowd.



Got an interview coming up?

We expect our Community Placements to be extremely popular and so each application will go through a shortlisiting process. The applicants who stand out at this stage will be invited to attend a short interview. Each Placement Pack  and advert lists the expected interview date, although please be aware that this maybe subject to change.

Some placements may require you to attend an interview off campus, so please read your invitation to interview letter carefully and ask if you are not sure about the venue.

Click here for some ideas on how to stand out at interview from MDXWorks.


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