As Black History Month celebrates its 31st Anniversary, MDXSU recognise that being forward-thinking on liberation, equality, diversity and inclusion on-campus is vital.

Our students come from different backgrounds, bringing unique knowledge, skills and experience to the community.


We our thrilled to announce some exciting student-led events dedicated to Black History Month.

However, at MDXSU we celebrate diversity all year round - so make sure to check our EVENTS page on what's on, and our LIBERATIONS page on how we're combating social change. 




Join our Black Students Liberation Group


MDXSU Black Students group represent students of African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean heritage.

The group has worked on the #RefugeesWelcome Campaign - which led to the resettlement of Syrian refugees in our local borough - and a lobbying campaign to ensure MDXSU and Middlesex University take a stance against the Government's PREVENT agenda. 

Over the past year the Black Students' Group has worked hard to influence Students’ Union policy, as well as contributing to discussions on a national level. 

If you have any questions about the group then please contact or visit the MDXSU Black Students' Facebook page.