Group Elections!


It is that time of year to start thinking about the future of your Societies for the next academic year.

Your Students' Union will be running online elections for all Student Groups, including Liberation Groups, for your future committee members. You can find all the information you need here!

Once nominations open on Mon 18 March, there will be a link to nominate yourself here. This will be the same for voting. 

**IMPORTANT NOTE** You can only nominate or vote for groups you have joined offically via the MDXSU website! So if you know you're part of a group but haven't offical signed up, make sure to do that before elections open as Student Group joining privileges will be suspended during elections.



NOMINATIONS PERIOD: Mon 18 March - Mon 1 April
Nominations will open on Monday 18 March and close on Monday 1 April. This period is the only chance you will be able to put yourself forward to become a committee member. 

CANDIDATE BRIEFING: Tues 2 April & Fri 5 April
Once candidates running in the elections has been confirmed, all candidates will need to attend the briefing, covering all rules regarding the elections.

VOTING PERIOD: Mon 8 April, 11am - Fri 12 April, 12pm
When voting opens on Monday 8 April at 11am, all student group members will have the opportunity to vote for the candidate they would like to see lead their student group.

The results will be announced on the week commencing 15 April.


When voting closes and the successful candidates have been announced, your Students' Union will conduct handovers between old and new committee members.

During the handover, old committee members will pass down useful advice, and needed paper work will be signed to ensure the elected committee members are the new legitimate leaders. They will take on the responsibility of running your student group next year, with support through training (during Freshers') by the Students' Union. 



  • Running a Liberation Group or Society is an amazing way to boost your skills - as well as a lot of fun and a great way to take a break from your studies.
  • You will gain experience in event coordination, working with groups of people, project coordinating and even gain finance skills.
  • By being part of one of these groups, you get access to a pot of money every month and as a committee member, you can help your society access that money to help achieve all of your society goals and put on a range of  exciting events.

All these skills are highly transferable and looks great on your CV!



By being part of a Student Group, you can make change on campus, in the wider community and even on a national level! This is especially true for our four Liberation Groups that are made up of a committee and members who identify into one or more of the following groups:

Not only will you help ensure safe spaces for your community, but also access campaigning advice from the Students' Union - gain funding for events and campaign for causes you care about! You will also work closely with our full-time officers to collaborate on big-scale campaigns that could improve the lives of thousands of students who often feel discriminated against.