New Skills

Open University Free Courses
The Open University has made many of their online courses free, so now you can gain new skills & knowledge. From Science, Maths & Technology courses to History & The Arts. Click here to start learning.
Yale University Free Course
One of the worlds most prestigious universities is offering a free online course on The Science of Wellbeing, starting in April. Click here to sign-up. 
Borough Market Cooking Classes
London's most renowned produce market have their professional food vendors host cooking classes on their IGTV. Click here to check out their Instagram.



We acknowledge that many of you won't be able to work, but why not develop or gain new professional skills to help with your employability. There a loads of resources available to you to use! 
MDXworks has tons of employability advice to help you during your video interview, or tips on balancing work and life at home, and the importance of resilience during these times - Click here for more. Join in on live workshops, happening every Tuesday & Thursday via Kaltura.
  • Marketing your teachnical skills: Key Projects / Evidence / Case Studies
  • An intro to self-employment
  • Telling Your Story: What employers want to know
The team at MDXworks have also written several blogs to support students within the Faculty of Arts & Creative Industries with employability through COVID-19:
Don't let the coronavirus affect your education or work! Explore a diverse range of free short-courses online and continue to build your skills. Click here to keep learning, wherever you are.
LinkedIn Learning
Keep learning in the moments that matter. With your MDX email, you can get access to courses for every step of your career from instructors with real-world experience. Click here to find out more.
MDXSU's Community Placement Scheme
The scheme will continue to run for students currently on placement, as along as the placement provider is happy for you to work remotely. For students who cannot complete their placement, we are working with placement partners to rearrange your working hours. We understand that some of you may be dependent on this income, so those with confirmed placements will be paid for your hours, even if your placement is postponed.