Further information about award categories

Read below for the criteria for each of the 2016 Teaching Awards' categories:


Most Empowering Teacher

Do you have a teacher who not only shares their knowledge and experience through teaching, but also works with you as a partner in your educational experience? Do you know a member of staff who supports you to discuss your ideas and develop as a person alongside your teacher and peers?

Perhaps you are a Student Voice Leader who has felt well supported and listened to by someone in your department? Are you someone who has been supported and empowered to develop yourself outside of your studies, through activities like volunteering or starting a society?

If you have a teacher who makes you feel empowered on your course or outside of University, who is supportive and cooperative in your education and development, then nominate them for the Most Empowering Teacher Award.


Best Feedback

Feedback is incredibly important as it helps you learn and grow as a student.

Do you have a teacher who does something particularly interesting, innovative or useful in the way the give feedback? What has the impact of this been? How has it helped you to improve?

If you know someone who takes feedback really seriously, or has perhaps helped you to better understand why feedback is important, then nominate them for the award for Best Feedback.


Most Innovative Teaching

Do you have a teacher who has done something really interesting and different in their teaching, to help you understand concepts in an innovative way? Perhaps they have taken you on field trips, introduced guest lecturers, games or other types of interactivity in their classes or workshops.

Do you have a lecturer who makes particularly interesting use of powerpoint, or uses other types of technology to enhance your learning?

If so, then nominate them for an Innovative Teaching Award


Best Support Staff

Is there someone in your department, or elsewhere at the university, who is not involved in teaching directly, but whose contribution and support makes a massive difference to your life as a student? Perhaps there is an administrator in your department, for example, a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) or Student Learning Assistant (SLA), who contributes so much to your daily life that your university experience simply wouldn't be the same without them?

If so, please nominate them for the Best Non-Teaching Staff award.


Most Inspiring Teacher

Can you think of someone whose teaching is so fantastic in every way that none of the above categories quite cover how brilliant they are, or how much of a positive impact they have had on you and your life as a student? Then why not nominate them for the Most Inspiring Teacher award?