The MDXSU Elections decide which students will lead MDXSU for the next academic year and represent all 18,000 Middlesex University London students. Student Leaders are paid full-time Student Officers (President and Vice President) and voluntary part-time leaders (Student Trustees and Student Group Leaders)

Below are some answers to common questions that come up regarding the elections. If you have any more questions or would like to find out more about the roles, email or come along to one of our Elections 101 drop ins! 

What are the key dates for the elections?

Nominations Open: Friday 19th February @ 6:30pm
Nominations Close: Thursday 11th March @ 4pm 
Manifesto Deadline: Wednesday 17th March @ 10am 
Voting Opens: Monday 22nd March @ 10am 
Voting Closes: Thursday 25th March @ 4pm 
*Campaigning begins on the same date and time as voting (Monday 22nd March 2021)

Is the role paid?

The Vice President Health, Education and Social Care role is a full time jobs with a salary of £24,000 a year. You therefore take a year out of your course or run during your final year to be able to fulfil the role after your graduation. Student Officers will start their roles on 14 June 2021. 

Who can apply?

You can only run for this role if you study a Health, Social Care or Education related course. You can fulfill the role as a graduate position or a placement year.

How do I apply for the role?

1) Go to 

2) Log in to your account using your University Email address 

3) Select the election you wish to apply for 

4) Complete the details on the nomination form and upload a photo - if you’re running for a student groups position, please write your manifesto (you will be able to edit later). For other positions, you can submit your manifesto after nominations close by emailing so you can include anything in the manifesto space for now 

5) Once nominations have closed, your nomination will be approved and you will officially be a candidate in the MDXSU Elections 2021!

What's the candidate statement or manifesto?

Each candidate creates a statement or manifesto that outlines who they are, what they aim to achieve within the role, and why they should be elected. These can be viewed by students when they go to vote. For more help writing your manifesto, check out our manifesto template or candidate development materials with more information. All manifestos for the Vice President Health, Social Care and Education must be completed by 10am on Wednesday 17th February. 

I'm studying remotely this academic year - can I run for a full-time Student Officer role?

Yes! The application, campaigning and voting process is 100% online.

I'm an international student - can I run for a full-time Student Officer role?

Yes! All students are eligible to run and if required we would be able to support you in applying for the correct visa if you successfully won the election. 

I'm a PGR student - can I run for a full-time Student Officer role?

Yes! All students are eligible to run; however, we would strongly advise discussing with your supervisor the implications and practicalities of taking a year out. We would also recommend checking whether it will have any effect on any grants and funding you may receive.  

I'm a PGT student - can I run for a full-time Student Officer role?

Yes! All students are eligible to run! The term of office for any Student Officer role begins in mid-June, so you may still have your dissertation to complete. We would encourage you to discuss this with your supervisor to help organise your time and either submit early or complete your studies alongside your role. 

Will it cost me money to run in the election?

You have a budget of £10 to spend on your campaign. This will be reimbursed by MDXSU once you have returned your expenses form including all receipts/evidence of expenditure by 3pm on Thursday 25th March

What skills and knowledge do I need to fulfill the positions?

All you need is a passion for helping other students and the role you’re applying for. You don’t need any prior knowledge or skills as we’ll ensure you’re fully trained and supported once you've been elected! 

FAQs for Voting

What happens during voting week, and how does campaigning work?

During voting week, you will need to let as many students as possible know who you are and why they should vote for you. This is the part of the election where you get to be creative! To make the campaigning process fair for all candidates, campaigning will take place online only. You can use videos, online posters and props to tell students why you would be the best candidate for the position. 

Can I campaign both online and on campus?

Due to the ongoing safety measures in place, on-campus and in-person campaigning is not allowed during this election. This includes but is not limited to in-person events and the use of posters and campaign materials that are designed to be handed out. Therefore, all campaigning activity should take place online or in a virtual space. 

Who can vote?

All students enrolled on a course at Middlesex University are eligible to vote for the Student Officer & Trustee roles. 

If you’re having any issues, please email

How do I vote?

Once voting opens on Monday 22th March, you can follow the instructions below to vote:

1) Go to

2) Log in using your University email address

3) Select the election you’re voting in

4) Rank the candidates in the order your order of preference

5) Submit your vote!

You can change your vote at any time before voting closes at 4pm on Thursday 25th March. If you have issues voting, please email

Who is RON?

'RON' stands for 'Re-Open Nominations'. An option on every ballot for you to choose if you feel no candidate is suitable for the role. If RON wins, nominations re-open and the elections are re-run at a later date

What is Single Transferable Voting (STV)?

A form of voting where students rank the candidates by preference. The election is run in rounds with the candidate with the lowest number of votes removed at each round. If their vote was for the candidate that was removed, their vote then goes to their 2nd preference and so on until a candidate exceeds 50% of the votes. This means you can rank the candidates in the order you’d like them to win! 

A graphic explaining what Single Transferable Voting is

When will the results be announced?

The results will be announced online on Friday26 March, from 6pm. Keep an eye out across our social media on the tonight to be the first to find out who your next Student Officers will be.