Union Council

Union Council is a key student committee, with responsibility for determining MDXSU policy and deciding action on student ideas for change.

Your President and Vice Presidents will also report on their work and actions at Union Council meetings, giving students an opportunity to ask questions and find out more about their campaigns.

Union Council meet three times per year, and is made up of students from various backgrounds, experiences and areas of study:

  • Your MDXSU President and three Vice Presidents
  • 29 Student Group representatives, including:
    • Leaders of Liberation groups - BAME, LGBT+, disabled and women students
    • Students from our communities group - mature, postgradute, international, healthcare and erasmus students, and student parents and carers
    • Society leaders
  • 18 academic representatives, from each academic department

Union Council Members 2020/21

Your Student Officers

MDXSU President: Gagandeep Kaur

Vice President Arts & Creative Industries: Nishtha Relan

Vice President Professional & Social Science: Tahmina Choudhury

Vice President Science & Technology: Khalid Abumaye

Academic Department Representatives

Adult, Child & Midwifery: Stephen Dedeke

Computer Science: Saad Patel

Criminology & Sociology: Mohit Sharma

Design, Engineering & Maths: Mary Uzonwanne

Economics: Esha Patankar

Education: Gracia Mosengro

Law & Politics: Sabir Islam

Management, Leadership & Organisation: Sumaya Omar

Media: Aaron Stevens

Mental Health & Social Work: Musa Lule

Natural Sciences: Kryselle Barretto

Visual Arts: Wend Pope

Student Communities Representatives

Commuter/ Mature Students Rep: Iritiza Majeed

International Students Rep: Zak Abdalmomen

Postgraduate Students Rep: Timothy Enaholo

Student Groups Executive Committee Members

Chair: Isobel Howe

Academic-based Student Groups Rep (1): Archuna Ganasooriar

Academic-based Student Groups Rep (2): Moh Fazli

Campaigning Student Groups Rep (1): Asmaar Butt

Campaigning Student Groups Rep (2): Zakria Khalid Abdalmomen

Faith-based Student Groups Rep (1): Ayop Ballaz

General Interest Student Groups Rep (1): Maximilian von Hagen

General Interest Student Groups Rep (2): Patrick Lucas

International Student Groups Rep (1): Najiha Malik

International Student Groups Rep (2): Esther Hzzan

Student Media Rep – Head of Radio: Novuyo Shumba

Student Media Rep – Editor-In-Chief of The Echo: Antonio Martinho Dias

Student Media Rep – Head of TV: Efeomo Aikpokpo

Liberation Group Representatives

MDXSU Black Students Rep (1): Bemikale Ogisi

MDXSU Black Students Rep (2): Sarah Adedeji

MDXSU Disabled Students Rep (1): Rebecca Torrie

MDXSU Disabled Students Rep (2): Zane Lece

MDXSU LGBT+ Students Rep (1): Elizabeth Roberts

MDXSU LGBT+ Students Rep (1): Navpreet Sandhu

MDXSU Woman Students Rep (1): Isabel Campos Neves

MDXSU Woman Students Rep (2): Tanya Gupta

Vacant Positions

Performing Arts Deparment Rep

Design Department Rep 

Accounting & Finance Department Rep 

Marketing, Branding & Tourism Department Rep

Psychology Department Rep

Sport Department Rep

Parent & Carer Student Communities Rep 

Healthcare Student Communities Rep 

Faith-based Student Groups Rep (2)

Passing Policy

As a student-led organisation, students have the ability to submit policies that, if passed, will become part of the work we do. It is through this process that you have the opportunity to influence the work of MDXSU. 

A policy mandates the MDXSU Student Officers to act on an issue that concerns Middlesex University students. It can be something about campus, your course and even a political stance you want MDXSU to adopt. 

There are a number of ways you can submit policy proposals. You can submit your idea through the Ideas for Change process, and get your fellow students to vote on it, or if you are a member of Union Council, you can raise this for discussion at the next Union Council meeting. Following discussion at Union Council, some ideas will go to a full student referendum. If your idea is passed, either at Union Council or at referendum, you will then work with the Student Officers to implement your policy. 

Active policy

You can view MDXSU's current active policies below. These would have either been passed through referendum or by Union Council, mandating MDXSU to either act or lobby on these actions.

Union Council Policy 2020/21 Union Council Policy 2019/20  Union Council Policy 2018/19 Union Council Policy 2017/18

Policy Date Passed Lapse date
Fossil Fuels 16/04/2020 16/04/2023
Student Mental Health & Suicide Awareness Ambassadors 16/04/2020 16/04/2023
Co-Presidents Disabled Students Liberation Group 16/04/2020 16/04/2023
Disabled Inclusion 16/04/2020 16/04/2023
Ethical and Environmental Policy 11/02/2020 11/02/2023
Reducing the Cost of Sport 11/02/2020 11/02/2023
What's On Board 11/02/2020 11/02/2023
People's Vote on Brexit 10/12/2018 10/12/2021
Animal Use on Campus 10/12/2018 10/12/2021
Access to the Rooms in the Grove 06/12/2018 06/12/2021
Lower Prices on Drinks Deals 22/11/2018 22/11/2021
Ban disposable coffee cups on campus 24/04/2018 24/04/2021
SU owned music store 24/04/2018 24/04/2021
Sexual Health Clinic on Campus 24/04/2018 24/04/2021
University-run gallery space 24/04/2018 24/04/2021
Coursework Submission Timeframe 01/02/2018 01/02/2021
Latecomers  01/02/2018 01/02/2021
Recorded Lectures 01/02/2018 01/02/2021