Erica Ramos, Vice President Business and Law



The Vice President Business and Law represents all students within these schools at Middlesex, and works closely with the School Voice Leaders on the MDXSU Exec. Each Student Officer also has particular interests in and responsibilities for other areas of student life.


Hey there fellow MDX students!


My name is Erica Ramos and I am your newly elected Vice President of Business and Law!

I am a BA Criminology graduate and through my 3 years as a student I have achieved enough to say I am proud of my time here at Middlesex. I’ve been a Student Voice Leader (2015-2017), I am the Founder and Former President of Singers and Musicians Society (2015-2017) and in 3rd year, I was part of the Societies Executive Committee.


Today I am truly honoured with the opportunity to represent you, students in Business and Law schools (and everyone else!), and to carry your voice every step I take in this journey as your Vice President. My role is to ensure your voices are heard and that your time at Middlesex is a fun and worthwhile experience.


With that note, I strongly encourage you to get involved with the Students’ Union! There are many ways you can: join (or create!) campaigns, societies and/or even…be a Student Voice Leader for your course! And so much more…

This is the key ingredient to spice up your student life and experience…and it’s completely FREE!


Do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to be a part of this amazing world, or even if you just want to say HI, ask questions, and got comments and/or concerns…I’m all ears!


Welcome to Middlesex University…where your unique student experience begins now. 


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