Raquel Marques, Vice President Health & Education and Science & Technology

Email: R.Marques@mdx.ac.uk


The Vice President Health & Education and Science & Technology represents all students within these schools at Middlesex, and works closely with the School Voice Leaders on the MDXSU Exec. Each Student Officer also has particular interests in and responsibilities for other areas of student life.


Hey! My name is Raquel and I’m your Vice President of Health and Education and Science and Technology.


I studied Psychology with Criminology. During my three years at Middlesex University, I was a Student Ambassador, I was part of the Volleyball and Fitness teams and I worked as a Student Intern for MDXSU. 


As your Vice president, my role is to support all students in the Health & Education and Science & Technology schools, not forgetting about all students in placement or who have classes outside our campus. Throughout my academic life at Middlesex University, I noticed that there was not enough awareness about mental health – the counselling services weren’t working as fast as needed and there were not many alternative ways to deal with stress. 


My main focus for this upcoming year will be tackling these issues in mental health – in specific, alternative ways to make sure that every student has an enjoyable experience at MDX. Some of my ideas consist on animal campaigns, giving students the opportunity to play with dogs and cats to relieve stress, and yoga classes, art-therapy and self-care sessions.


If you are a fresher, my best advice is: don’t be afraid to going out of your comfort zone! Join a sports team, join or create a society, run a campaign!

If you have any problem, any great idea or want to be part of MDXSU, come by the office and I will be here to help you! Enjoy your time at MDX!


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