As a Middlesex University student, you have a range of elected representatives looking out for you and your needs.

These student representatives ensure that your voice is heard in a range of areas and that the work of Middlesex Students' Union reflects the wishes of Middlesex students. They meet with key decision-makers from within all levels of the university and sit on important committees to effect change at Middlesex and beyond.

Every one of our elected representatives is a Middlesex student just like you. For more information on standing for these and other elected leadership positions, visit



Your Student Officers - your President and Vice Presidents - represent Middlesex students on campus. They are elected by students through the MDXSU Elections each spring, and if successful are paid to work full-time for an academic year, from July until July. 


There is a Voice Leader for each year of each course at Middlesex University, acting as a vital link between the students, the University and the Students' Union.