Our Trustees

The Board of Trustees ensures that the Union is well run, meeting it's aims and working within the legal and constitutional framework laid down.


Student Trustees sit on the Board of Directors for the Students' Union. Trustees are not involved in day to day affairs, but take an overview of how the Union is performing, both financially and as a representative body for Middlesex students.


A Trustee is responsible for:

  • Making sure that Union decisions are made in the best interest of the Union and it's members.
  • Setting the long term plans and direction of the Union.
  • Making sure the Union uses it's financial resources properly and that it is financially viable.
  • Ensuring the Union works within the law and constitution.


Our trustees 2018-19

Ayah Benberna (Chair of The Board of Trustees and Officer Trustee)
Erica Ramos (Officer Trustee)
Lucy Holland (Officer Trustee)
Rahma Ali (Officer Trustee)


Summer White (Student Trustee)
Zee Osman (Student Trustee)
Christina Hamilton (Student Trustee)
Anjelina Qureshi (Student Trustee)


Lynette Phillips OBE (External Trustee)
Ben Morrison (External Trustee)

Phil Pilkington (External Trustee)