What we do

Middlesex Students’ Union (MDXSU) exists to help you make the most of your time at university. Led by students and for students, we are central to the university experience and work to support all aspects of student life:

  • We represent student views in university decisions through our elected Student Officers and hundreds of Student Voice Leaders
  • We campaign on campus, in the local community and nationally on issues that the students care about
  • We provide opportunities for you to meet new people, develop your skills, campaign for change and try something new 

When you join Middlesex University as a student, you also become a member of Middlesex University Students’ Union. We are independent to the university and are a registered non-profit organisation, and all our profits go back into improving the student experience. 

How we work

MDXSU is led by four full-time Student Officers who are elected into their roles by the student body through our annual Elections each March. They work with elected Student Voice Leaders for each year of each programme at MDX, as well as alongside other students and student representatives from across the University. While our Student Officers direct the work of MDXSU, they are supported by a team of 20 permanent full-time MDXSU staff who run MDXSU's opportunities and services, as well as part-time student interns and staff.

As a charity, our work is also overseen by a Board of Trustees. You can find about the board here.


What is Middlesex Students' Union? 

We are you! We are a union of all students at Middlesex University. We are independent to the university and a registered non-profit organisation. We are the voice of Middlesex students, representing you in university decisions and campaigning for changes you want to see on campus and beyond. We organise events - from employability-boosting workshops to our fun-filled Freshers' events - as well as overseeing societies and your student media.

As well as supporting students to make improvements at the university, we can also provide independent, one-to-one support if you're facing a specific problem with your programme. Click here to find out more about the MDXSU Advice service. 

How do I become a member of MDXSU? 

If you're a registered student at Middlesex University in London, you're automatically member of MDXSU. 

Who leads the Students' Union? 

We are led for students, by students! Your Students' Union is led by four full-time, elected Student Officers - one President, and three Vice-Presidents who represent each faculty within MDX. 

Our Student Officers are all students at Middlesex - with each Vice President having studied within the Faculty they now represent - and they were elected into their current full-time, paid roles as part of our annual MDXSU Elections every March. They work closely with Student Voice Leaders for each year of each programme to ensure that MDXSU is effectively representing students. 

The officer team is assisted by a team of MDXSU staff, who oversee and run our multiple opportunities and services. 

For contact details for our officers and staff, please click here, or email our Welcome Desk team at mdxsu@mdx.ac.uk

Is MDXSU part of Middlesex University? 

We are independent from the University. However, we do work very closely with them, and they provide us with a funding grant. It is our job to make sure students are satisfied with their university experience, and to represent student views to the university. 

MDXSU is not-for-profit? 

Yep! We are a registered charity and are funded by money raised through our events and merchandise, as well a grant from the University. As a non-profit organisation, every penny we make goes straight back into your university experience!

How do I sign in on www.mdxsu.com? 

To join Student Groups and book tickets for events through our website, you'll need to sign in. If you're a student at Middlesex, click the student login button and enter your university email and password - this will be the same as your UniHub login. Staff or guests can also create an account.

If you're having problems logging in, please email mdxsu@mdx.ac.uk 

Where can I find the Students' Union? 

We're based on the Middlesex University Hendon campus downstairs in MDX House along with the Middlesex University Sports Department and the Fitness Pod gym. Currently, our offices are closed and our staff are working remotely, but you can get in touch with us via email on mdxsu@mdx.ac.uk.

Our vision

MDXSU will facilitate a world class partnership between staff and students, develop a strong vibrant democracy, represent every student on every course in every faculty and champion equality and diversity across our community. Click here to find out more about our organisational strategy and 2020 Vision.

  • MDXSU will defend diverse education – by being on the front line in championing the principle of vocational education in the UK Higher Education sector 

  • MDXSU will be open and accessible to all – by recognising many of our students are time poor and cash poor, and therefore cannot rely on activity that requires either or both 

  • MDXSU will challenge embedded social injustices - by playing a leading role in the existing UK student movement, a movement which currently further entrenches privilege by providing great students’ unions where great opportunities and student experiences already exist  

  • MDXSU will champion equality and diversity – by high lighting students’ positive experiences and contributions at one of the most diverse universities in the world 

  • MDXSU will contribute to social change – by improving the impact which the university and student have on the Barnet community and in wider society  

MDXSU strongly is committed to ensuring all students are treated equally, without discrimination. For further information about this, you can read our Equal Opportunities Policy here.