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Wednesday 19-02-2020 - 11:51

Written by Khalid Abumaye, Vice President Science & Technology


Being a former commuter student at Middlesex, travelling over an hour to get to Middlesex every day, studying computer networks means I needed certain applications/software to complete my assignments and coursework.

I used to travel to Middlesex to use the computers because I need the software on those computers to do my work on.

It’s not befitting for a student to travel long distances to campus because their laptop or computer at home simply doesn’t have a software or an application they need for their coursework. Students should be able to download whatever software is needed for their course without having to spend anything at all.

AppsAnywhere is a place online where students can log in with their students ID and password, once they log in, every software is available for those students and they can even download them on their own devices, making it easier for them on and off campus.  

I’m glad that once this initiative is launched students won’t have to come to Middlesex from far away to complete coursework because the apps they need are available to them anywhere and everywhere on any device they have on and off campus, it was a struggle for me and I wouldn’t want students to be going through the same thing I went through.


Where to find AppsAnywhere on UniHub

Step 1 - When you’re on the home page, click on the “Study” drop down tab


Step 2 - Once you hover over “Study” this drop down tab will appear, under the IT Specialists section is AppsAnywhere


Step 3 - And voila here it is, this can also takes you to the actual AppsAnywhere website where you can log in with your uni ID and password, just click on the link highlighted in the photo below!


Step 4 - The log in page where you'll enter your uni ID and password


Step 5 - Once you’ve logged onto AppsAnywhere, you will be able to access any application you need

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