Societies are groups or clubs of students sharing interests or hobbies. Joining a society is an amazing opportunity to try something new, develop your interests, enhance your degree and discover lifelong friendships.


We've got over 85 societies at Middlesex, from general interest and campaigning societies to religious and course-based groups. The number is always growing, and if you think we're missing something or you'd like to set up something new, we'll give you all the support you need to create your own new society. You can see our current list of societies here.


Last year our societies organised huge careers fairs, trips abroad and sell-out parties; raised lots of money for charity; and won awards at Middlesex and further afield! Want to be involved in leading one of our amazing societies? Joining a society committee is great for your CV, could win you awards, and will help you meet lots of new people, whether they become lifelong friends or useful business contacts!





Society meetings:

The following societies meet on a regular basis, and you're more than welcome to attend to see what they're up to!

Day Start End Room Society
Monday 6pm 9pm CG03 Latino Film Society
6pm 9pm CG09 Debating Society
5pm 9pm C122 Science Fiction & Fantasy Society
Tuesday 5pm 6.30pm WG50 Heartfulness Meditation Society
5pm 7pm W159 TECHgirls Society
6pm 10pm C107 Malayali Society
6.30pm 9.30pm C207 Games Society
6pm   C205 NUJ Chapel Society
6pm   C218

European Law Student Association

(fortnightly from 6th Feb)

Wednesday 6pm 10pm CG16 Anime & Manga Society
6pm 10pm C138 Salem Society
6pm 9pm C205 Debating Society
6pm 9pm CG15 Christian Union
7.30pm 9pm W155 Chinese Christian Club
Thursday 5pm 6.30pm CG48 Heartfulness Meditation Society
5pm 9pm C133 Unlimited Potential Society
5pm 9pm C138 First Love Society
5pm 9pm W156 Hip Hop Society
6.30pm 9.30pm C207

Pan-African Society

(fortnightly from 8th Feb)

5.30pm 9.30pm C207

Congolese Society

(fortnightly from 15th Feb)

Friday 5pm 9pm CG04 UN Society
5pm 9pm CG06 Games Society
5pm 9pm CG47 Games Society
5pm 9pm C207 Games Society
6pm 9pm CG03 Christian Union Society


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