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General enquiries

Please contact our MDXSU Welcome Desk team at or on 020 8411 6450. You can also contact us via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can find contact details for elected representatives here, or details of specific staff members below.


Marketing Enquiries & Freshers' Fair Bookings

For more information on the advertising and marketing opportunities available during both Welcome Month and throughout the year, please visit queries, please contact or call 020 8411 6450.


Where to find us

MDXSU Welcome Desk
MDX House (downstairs),
The Burroughs

Our Welcome Desk is open weekdays (excluding bank holidays) between 10am and 4pm. For directions to the Middlesex Hendon campus, please click here.






Rachael Wall
Student Communities & Development Manager
Tel: 020 8411 4414  Email:

Georgina Gilfedder
Student Groups Coordinator
Tel: 020 8411 5059  Email:

Sarah Hazelhurst
Campaigns and Projects Coordinator
Tel: 020 8411 4076  Email:

Hannah Keating
Student Communities & Development Coordinator
Tel: 020 8411 6452  Email:

André Thompson
Student Media Coordinator
Tel: 020 8411 4032  Email:


Jordan Lewis
 Advocacy and Policy Manager
Tel: 020 8411 4035  Email:

Michael Jones
Senior Student Advisor
Tel: 020 8411 6450  Email: 

Kristyna Irategeka
Student Advisor
Tel: 020 8411 6450  Email: 

Lee Bird
Democracy Coordinator
Tel: 020 8411 6453 Email:

Rosie McKenna
Representation and Policy Coordinator
Tel: 020 8411 4749  Email:


Laura Higgs
Communications and Income Manager
Tel: 020 8411 5125  Email: 

Camelia Purwanto
Communications and Design Coordinator
Tel: 020 8411 4107  Email: 

Alexander Benjamin
Income & Marketing Coordinator
Tel: 020 8411 6411  Email:

Harriet Gibson
Events Coordinator
Tel: 020 8411 4723  Email:


Yocana Vaz Da Cruz
Office & HR Coordinator
Tel: 020 8411 2390  Email:

Janelle Clarke
Finance Manager
Tel: 020 8411 6416  Email:


Ed Marsh
Chief Executive
Tel: 020 8411 6450 Email: 

Christina Kennedy
Head of Membership
Tel: 020 8411 6419 Email:


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