Student Voice Leaders

Student Voice Leaders represent their coursemates, and have the power to make change on their course and at Middlesex University more widely.

What is a Student Voice Leader?

At the start of each academic year, all students elect at least 1 Student Voice Leader (SVL) to represent their year of their course. Throughout the year, you can go to them to suggest ideas and give feedback about your module, programme or wider University experience. They'll then work with your Programme Leader and other University staff to find solutions and make your time at Middlesex the best it can be.

What is required in the role?

It's a flexible, part-time role requiring only six hours of your time per term, with no prior experience necessary - MDXSU will give you all the training and support you need. As well as helping to improve your course, you'll also improve your employability and get to know more people on your course, MDXSU and academic staff! To find out more, view the Student Voice Leader Opportunity Profile or visit our FAQs page. You can also find the SVL Code of Conduct here.

How do I become a Student Voice Leader?

As we're a democratic organisation, we run elections for SVLs at the start of each academic year. Nominations were open until Thursday 15th October but are now closed. If no student put themselves forward and their remains vacanies on your course your programme team will be in contact to run in-class elections. 

Who is my Student Voice Leader?

You will have an SVL on your course by the end of October when you'll be able to see who they are on this site. If you have any feedback before then, you can email your Programme Leader or one of your student officers who will be happy to help!

If you are having any further questions about becoming a Student Voice Leader, please email