As a Middlesex University student, you have a range of elected representatives looking out for you and your needs.


These student representatives ensure that your voice is heard in a range of areas and that the work of Middlesex Students' Union reflects the wishes of Middlesex students. They meet with key decision-makers from within all levels of the university and sit on important committees to effect change at Middlesex and beyond.

Every one of our elected representatives is a Middlesex student just like you. For more information on standing for these and other elected leadership positions, visit



Your Student Officers - your President and Vice Presidents - represent Middlesex students on campus, locally and nationally, and sit on the Executive Committee with the six School Voice Leaders. They are elected by students through the MDXSU Elections each spring, and if successful are paid to work full-time for an academic year, from July until July. 


There is a Voice Leader for each year of each course at Middlesex University, acting as a vital link between the students, the University and the Students' Union.