Middlesex Students' Union is a student-led campaigning organisation that works to represent you and your views during your time here.


Your elected student representatives work to coordinate campaigns on the things that are important to you as a Middlesex student, whether it’s an issue on campus, or something on a national or international scale.


This year your Student Officers will be working hard to ensure that as students your fundamental needs are met and that inequality on campus is tackled. The changes that they will be working to create on campus include:


Making Middlesex more affordable
The cost of being a student in the UK continues to rise. Your Officers will be taking action to reduce the everyday costs, from food to tampons and dyslexia tests – ensuring Middlesex is affordable for everyone.

Making Middlesex an open, accessible safe community
Your Officers will be taking action to deliver welcoming university spaces, from introducing and electing Halls Representatives in student Halls of Residence, to providing gender neutral facilities and finding more environmentally-friendly methods of transport.

Making Middlesex flexible for all students
Many students cannot get the most from their time at university, whether that's down to a poorly planned timetable or not being able to afford to attending your graduation ceremony. Your Officers will be working with the University to make sure there is flexibility for every students to stay and succeed at Middlesex.

Making Middlesex inclusive and collaborative
Your Officers understand that it is a big decision to come and study here, they will be working to ensure that you have the opportunity to work with your academics to increase the partnership in learning and teaching across campus.

Making Middlesex community-focused
Your Officers understand that your university is a key part of the local community. They will be working to develop better relations with businesses and organisations in order to provide you with placements and parts in a variety of community projects.


Any student can get involved with the campaigns that MDXSU run - and if you'd like to lead a campaign on something else too, we're happy to help! Campaigning is an exciting experience and is a rewarding way to work with a variety of people to solve problems and create lasting change.


If you have something that you want to see change, or if you want to get more involved with campaigning then email studentvoice@mdx.ac.uk

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Registered Office: Middlesex University Students' Union, The Burroughs, Hendon, NW4 4BT
Registered Charity Number: 1140254

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