Campaigning is creating a message that brings people together to inspire change. This change is often framed around social and political issues, and can come from informing the public or holding people in positions of power to account. 

The student movement is one of the most progressive forces for change in the world. For decades students have been instrumental by influencing global change, turning up in droves to vote in elections, fighting for better housing conditions, leading on liberation issues, improving the environment and much more. 


How can I get involved in campaigning at MDXSU? 

 MDXSU are here to help you make a difference to your time at university and work on several key campaigns very year, which are led by your Executive Committee. You can find out more by clicking the links on the menu.

If we currently don’t cover an issue that you're passionate about working on, why not see how we can help you to campaign with funding and campaigning expertise by bidding in our Small Projects Fund. If you would like any help with getting started in your campaign please email

You can also raise your ideas and issues to one of your representatives, or by submitting an idea for change online. For more info, email