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Tuesday 30-01-2018 - 17:10
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Did you know... 

that you could be earning a tidy £21,828 while leading an award-winning organisation with18,000 members?


Whether you're looking for a grad job or a placement year, you would struggle to find another entry-level job quite as brag-worthy!


MDXSU President and Vice Presidents are students with paid, full-time jobs dedicated to making a difference to the lives of MDX students! 


Working alongside these full-time officers are part-time student leaders who dedicate a few hours each week or each term to improving MDX – while gaining amazing experience for their CV, too.

As a Middlesex University student, any of these jobs could be yours.



Can't commit to all full-time position? 


but would love to level up your CV before graduating, there's various part-time positions you can fulfil alongside your personal and academic life. 

  • Sit alongside industry experts on our termly trustee board – examining our finances and strategy
  • Work with senior university staff as a School Voice Leader


As representatives of all 18,000 students at Middlesex University, our elected officers have incredible power to make change not just on our campus, but in the local community too.

So far, MDXSU representatives have:

  1. Campaigned to Freeze tuition fees
  2. Improved the food on campus with vegan & vegetarian options
  3. Resettled vulnerable Syrian refugees in Barnet
  4. ...and helped fund their study at MDX
  5. Promote Wellness & Wellbeing during stressful periods for students
  6. Appreciate MDX diverse student body by celebrating multilingualism
  7. Secured a Winter Graduation 

​These are only some of the changes that MDXSU student leaders have been instrumental in. 

What changes would you make to your course, your uni and beyond?

You can put yourself forward now! 


To find out more, please click here.


For more information, please visit our elections site.





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