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Friday 06-03-2015 - 20:28
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The year of the general election is proving to be a record-breaking year for student democracy at Middlesex, with more students standing and voting in this week’s Students’ Union elections than ever before.


2,409 students voted to decide who will lead MDXSU next year, with 8,949 votes cast in the five-day voting period between Monday 2nd and Friday 6th March. The turnout was the largest in MDXSU history, with 50% more students voting than in 2014, signifying an increase from 10% to 15% of the Middlesex student body having their say.


A total of 53 Middlesex students nominated themselves in thirteen elections, with a record-breaking 26 candidates nominating themselves for the four full time student officer roles. The President and Vice Presidents lead the Students’ Union and ensure that MDXSU campaigns for changes at Middlesex that students want to see, so the number of nominees illustrates just how determined students are to deliver positive change.


It was the most active week of campaigning that MDXSU has ever seen, with candidates spending long days sharing their vision for an improved Middlesex with as many people as possible. The respectful and creative campaigning – featuring flash mobs and policies via song – made for a fun, friendly atmosphere and was a credit to all the candidates. The amazing voter turnout would not have happened without the hard work of the candidates and their campaign teams, and everyone involved should be incredibly proud of what they have achieved. Whether or not you were elected, we hope that the friendships you have made and the confidence and skills you've gained prove that standing and campaigning was a valuable experience in itself.


Thank you to everyone who had their say and voted - your views have been represented, and have helped to shape MDXSU for the coming year. A further thank you to the entire MDXSU team – staff, interns, volunteers – who have supported the nominees throughout their campaigning, and, through organising and delivering another successful election, have ensured that the Students’ Union remains a democratic, representative organisation.

And now for the results! First, your full time officers:


Out of the seven candidates for President, the student body re-elected Aman Siddiqi, who won the election with 740 votes! Aman’s manifesto promised to create a MyUniHub app for students, expand opening hours for the Grove, improve the selection of food on campus during off-peak hours, and enable student access to previous years’ work. He also vowed to get more for student spending, making graduation free, and securing extra funding for students studying materials based courses.


The Vice President for Media & Performing Arts and Art & Design went to Andre Thompson with 414 votes. Andre’s policies focused on improving opportunities for students, specifically simplifying the process of establishing, funding and promoting societies, and boosting Pow media. Andre is also seeking lockers and extended opening hours for the Grove, a more user-friendly Uni Hub and a greater MDXSU presence on campus. He also hopes to give students tutorials for creative software; improve the quality and quantity of feedback; and make departmental spending more open to students.


With 418 votes, the winning candidate for Vice President Business and Law was Sayed Alkadiri. Sayed’s key policies were to establish an employability-boosting Higher Education Achievement Report at Middlesex, an award which would document a student’s extra-curricular, sporting and other achievements alongside their academic record. He also hopes to improve support and advice services for students, and ensure fixed, open fees for international students.


Finally, in an incredibly hard-fought position with eight candidates vying for the role, the Vice President for Health & Education and Science & Technology went to Orla Hillary. With 370 votes, Orla edged a win over fellow candidate Monica Shah with just one vote, illustrating just how important every vote can be in an election. As a nursing student, Orla aims to address problems with the timing and choice of placements across her schools. She also hopes to give students a communal space, and establish monthly international food markets.


Well done to our new elected officers! And once again, well done to all the candidates for your hard-work, superb campaigning, and the role you've played in these record-breaking elections.


The full results can be found below. Please click on each position for the full breakdown of the votes.


Full time elected student officers:


President   -   Aman Siddiqi

Vice President for Media & Performing Arts and Art & Design   -   Andre Thompson

Vice President Business and Law   -   Sayed Alkadiri

Vice President for Health & Education and Science & Technology   -   Orla Hillary


Part time Positions:


School Voice Leaders:

School Voice Leader for Media & Performing Arts   -   Bradley McDowell

School Voice Leader for Health & Education   -   Carla Fargher

School Voice Leader for Science & Technology   -   Tunch Akmandor

School Voice Leader for Business   -   Abdul Ally Mohamed

School Voice Leader for Law   -   Diana Allen

School Voice Leader for Art and Design   -   Jack Allan


NUS Delegates:

The seven students representing Middlesex at the forthcoming National Union of Students (NUS) conference in April are:

Orla Hillary

Monica Shah

Sarah Bennett

Aman Siddiqi

Jean Wong

Sophie McKay


Democracy and Involvement Committee:

Karina Petkova




Vinicha Lacmidas

Ayesha Jamal

Zion Zakari


Thanks once again to all the candidates, campaigners, voters and volunteers for their part in making the 2015 student elections so fantastic.


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