How many times have we heard the phrase "Not all men ..."?

Monday 22-03-2021 - 12:19
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Written by Rebecca Dissanayaka (MDX student & MDXSU's Social Media Intern)


It’s International Women’s Month, as opportunity to think about the role of the woman in today’s society remembering and celebrating the historical achievements.
Those achievements need to be remembered, because they are great starting points for what still needs to be done.

Why is it still difficult to be a woman in the 21st century?  

It is a fact that women are generally advantaged in western cultures considering the possibility of voting or receiving an education, basic rights that are considered a privilege in many other culture.
Although, some legitimate steps have been made, it’s only by looking at the bigger picture that we realise how much progress there is still to be made. We women have always had to fight for our rights in a patriarchal society.
We’re so used to certain dynamics that we don’t even realise it anymore, and the sad truth is that the majority of us suffer injustice and discrimination on a daily bases, even at a subtle level.
So no, your skirt isn’t too short, your shirt isn’t too tight, and it’s unfair that you have to watch your back if you’re walking alone after 6pm. You don’t have to feel compelled to answer those inappropriate questions you get asked at a job interview, don’t let someone tell you you’re incomplete if you don’t want to have kids, and if you want to pay at the restaurant, do it freely.
It is from the small things that we will be able to achieve this great goal, but it is essential not to fight alone. Information is crucial!

How many times have we heard the phrase "Not all men..."?

...too many times, probably. But since we won’t be able to get rid of this response that easily, let’s try and argue it. Do all men know that women go through every day of their lives? Do all men take a position when they see injustice and discrimination towards other women?
In regards to that, here’s a recent tweet I came across:
You’ve probably noticed that thousands of voices that shared their thoughts about Sarah Everard’s case, a 33-year-old woman who was the victim of a recent tragedy “killed by the system that was supposed to protect her”.
It is unacceptable for such things to happen, and the most controversial part is that it is happened exactly 2 days after international women’s day. The reality is that these things happen on a daily basis, and as difficult as it is to accept, there are millions of Sarah’s around the world, and it is scary to realise that they will continue to exist if we don’t try to change things - even if men tried through the smallest of gestures, it can help to create change. 
Men, educate yourselves and educate whoever is around you, stand up for women’s rights and do it proudly. You are privileged in our society and you can also start the change.
Women, keep on standing up for yourselves, but if you feel discouraged, look at the progress we’ve made together.
The road is long, but it will always be worth it!

Be strong, be allies and shine brighter every day

Do you identify yourself as a woman? Join the women’s liberation group and autonomous student-led community which works to represent and campaign for change for women both on campus and nationally.

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