MDXSU Elections 2017: The Results

Wednesday 29-03-2017 - 17:00
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Voting has closed in this year’s record-breaking MDXSU Elections, and we can now announce the results...


3,470 students voted to decide which students would lead Middlesex Students' Union next year, making this the largest turnout in MDXSU Elections history - breaking our previous record of 2,409 by more than 1,000 voters.


20.31% of the Middlesex University student body voted this year, with an incredible 12,229 votes being cast between 10am Monday 13th and 1pm Friday 17th March.


Over sixty students had put themselves forward for the seven elected positions, including the full-time, paid President and Vice Presidents of MDXSU, as well as the six School Voice Leaders, Student Trustees and Democracy and Involvement Committee (DAIC). You can find out more about the positions open for election here.


Thank you to everyone who voted in this year's elections and helped to shape the direction of Middlesex Students' Union and our priorities next year, and congratulations to this year’s candidates on all they achieved this week - from their inspirational manifestos to their tireless campaigning.


Further thanks to the MDXSU team of staff and interns who have supported the nominees throughout their campaigning and helped to ensure our role as a democratic, representative organisation.


Candidate Awards

To reward and celebrate all candidates and campaigners for their work this week, four awards for Best Video, Best Campaign, Hardest Working Team and Candidate’s Candidate were given out at Results Night on Friday 17th March.

The winners in these categories are as follows:

Best Video
Joe Cox (candidate for Vice President Art & Design and Media & Performing Arts)

Best Campaign
Erica Ramos (candidate for Vice President Business and Law)

Hardest Working Team
Ben Edwards (candidate for President)

Candidate’s Candidate
Louise Marquis (candidate for Vice President Business and Law)


The MDXSU Elections Results

First up, the part-time roles...


School Voice Leaders

Your School Voice Leaders represent all students within your School. They are members of MDXSU's Executive Committee alongside the full-time President and Vice Presidents.


School Voice Leader Art & Design

Amy 'Maier' Perrinwith 78 votes out of 130 in total


School Voice Leader Media & Performing Arts

Kristine Clarkwith 114 votes out of 211 votes in total


School Voice Leader Health & Education

Amy Satterthwaitewith 114 votes out of 225 votes in total


School Voice Leader Science & Technology

Tash Whitewith 193 votes out of 480 votes in total


School Voice Leader Business

Khawaja Khalid, with 196 votes out of 460 in total


School Voice Leader Law 

Adriana Lourenço with 89 votes out of 200 in total


Student Trustee

As a charitable organisation, Middlesex Students' Union has a Trustee Board which discusses and approves our strategy and finances. Some of these trustees are Middlesex University students. In this election there was one vacant position for a student trustee, with nine students putting themselves forward for the role.

The winner, with 483 votes out of a total 1,260 votes cast, was... Ronit Jayesh Himatlal.


Democracy and Involvement Committee (DAIC)

Our Democracy and Involvement Committee makes sure that Middlesex Students' Union is accessible to all students, and has strategic oversight over how MDXSU runs it's democracy.

Six students nominated themselves for five DAIC positions, with 1,057 votes were cast in total. The elected students are...

Naim Ali
Patricia Neves
Talha Nomani
Steph Stevens
Yash Bhatti


Now for the full-time positions...


Vice President Business and Law

2,035 votes were cast in this election. Of the six incredible students who put themselves forward for this position, the winner and your next Vice President Business and Law is...

Criminology student Erica Ramos, with 684 votes!

In her manifesto, Erica states that she will seek to create an online job-seeker bulletin board, get printers and free washing machines in halls, enhance counselling services, establish a monthly showcase event for Societies and student groups, and request more equipment for the Loan Store.

You can view Erica's full manifesto here, or click here to view her interview on our YouTube channel!


Vice President Art & Design and Media & Performing Arts

1,996 votes were cast in this election and it went to four rounds of voting! The winner in the fourth round and your next Vice President Art & Design and Media & Performing Arts is...

Joe Cox, with 716 votes!

This means Joe will be continuing as your Vice President for another year and will be working to set up an SU-run letting agency, free transport from Halls of Residence and better security on campus. Joe will be building on his work with MDXSU so-far including the free bike scheme for students and 24 hour access to Grove B for creative students.

You can see Joe's winning manifesto here or click here to view his interview on YouTube!


Vice President Health & Education and Science & Technology

1,662 votes were cast in this election. The winner and your next Vice President Health & Education and Science & Technology is...

Third year Psychology with Criminology student, Raquel Marques, with 554 votes!

Raquel will be campaigning for more specialised computer software to be available to all students, creating a stationary shop, free language courses and more library space! In Halls Raquel wants to guarentee an extra fridge in each flat, more microwaves on campus and more vegan, vegetarian and Halal food options! Raquel also wants to create a Sports and Mental Health Week.

You can see all of Raquel's winning points on her manifesto here or click here to watch her interview on YouTube!



A huge 2,513 votes were cast in this election. The winner and your next President is...

Ben Edwards, who won the election with 957 votes!

In his manifesto Ben says he wants to work with the Mayor of London to reform student housing and cut rent, as well as creating an MDXSU guide of approved landlords. He wants to increase social space on campus, keep the gym open 24/7 and launch a culture day. Ben also wants to campaign to increase mental health and welfare provision as well as increased contact time with lecturers!

You can read all about Ben's plans in his manifesto or watch his interview!



All the candidates, win or lose, can be hugely proud of their campaigning - managing to reach a record number of students during the elections! Your new Student Officers will all take up their roles in July!


For more information on the elections, visit You can find the full breakdown of the results here.

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