MDXSU Elections 2018: The Results

Friday 09-03-2018 - 19:04
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Your votes have been counted, and we can now announce the results of the MDXSU Elections 2018… 


Voting in this year’s MDXSU Elections was open between Friday 2nd March and 2pm Thursday 8th March.


3,706 student voted in the elections – making this year's turnout the largest in MDXSU Elections history – with a total of 11,523 votes being cast across the roles. 


The elections were also record-breaking in terms of the candidates, with an incredible 76 students nominating themselves across the seven different elected positions, from the full-time, paid President and Vice Presidents, as well as the School Voice Leaders, Student Trustees and Democracy and Involvement Committee (DAIC). You can find out more about these roles here


These candidates worked incredibly hard to reach voters and inspire them with their ideas to change and improve Middlesex University in the future – and this despite freezing temperatures and campus being covered in snow for the start of the voting period! 


Thank you to the thousands of students who had their say in these elections - by voting to decide which candidates would lead their Students’ Union, you have helped to shape the direction of MDXSU and our priorities next year. 


Further thanks to the team of MDXSU staff who have supported the candidates throughout the elections, and upheld our role as a democratic, representative organisation. 


For photos and videos from the MDXSU Elections 2018, please visit the MDXSU Facebook page or Instagram – or read on for the results!


Candidate Awards

Each year, we ask candidates to nominate each other for a number of awards to recognise and celebrate their hard work. These were announced at Results Night in MDX House on Friday 9th March. You can view the awards and the winners below: 


Best Campaign – Taranjot Singh
Most Innovative – Marlena Harris
Hardest Working Campaign Team – Lucy Holland
Best Video – Erica Ramos 
Candidate’s Candidate – Amy Satterthwaite 


The MDXSU Elections Results

First up, the part-time roles... 


School Voice Leaders 

Your School Voice Leaders represent all students within the six different Schools at Middlesex University, and work closely alongside the full-time President and Vice Presidents. Below are the winning candidates in each school area. 


School Voice Leader  Art & Design
Damilola Matiluko, who won with 78 out of 93 votes.

School Voice Leader Media & Performing Arts
Neil Tucker, who won with 73 out of 154 votes. Click here to view Neil’s manifesto. 

School Voice Leader Health & Education
Sanaa Sheik, who won with 136 out of 258 votes. Click here to view Sanaa’s manifesto. 

School Voice Leader Science & Technology
Anjelina Qureshi, who won with 145 out of 420 votes. Click here to view Anjelina’s manifesto.

School Voice Leader Business 
Aashi Tejwani, who won with 249 out of 548. Click here to view Aashi’s manifesto. 

School Voice Leader Law 
Ben Brickley, who won with 74 out of 170 votes. Click here to view Ben’s manifesto. 


Student Trustee 

As a charitable organisation, Middlesex Students' Union has a Trustee Board which scrutinises and approves our strategy and finances. Some of these trustees are Middlesex University students. In this election there were three vacant Student Trustee positions, with 16 students putting themselves forward for the role. 

A total of 1,320 votes were cast in this election, with the winning candidates as follows: 

Anjelina Qureshi (click here to view Anjelina’s manifesto) 
Christina Hamilton (click here to view Christina’s manifesto) 
Zee Osman (click here to view Zee’s manifesto)   


Democracy and Involvement Committee (DAIC) 

Our Democracy and Involvement Committee makes sure that Middlesex Students' Union is accessible to all students, and has strategic oversight over how MDXSU runs it's democracy. Six students nominated themselves for five DAIC positions, with 1,320 votes were cast in total.  


The elected students are... 

Carlos Lima DAssuncao
Keytonia Walker 
Natasha White
Rebecca Torrie

Timur Selim 
Next up, the results for the full-time positions, with the elected candidate beginning their roles in July 2018… 


Vice President Art & Design and Media & Performing Arts – Lucy Holland 

Four students put themselves forward for this role, amassing a total of 1,350 between them. The winner, with 636, is third year Creative Writing & Journalism student, Lucy Holland! 

Lucy’s manifesto includes pledges around: 

-  Introducing a student-led arts magazine in collaboration with other London universities
-  More drinks and coffee deals at MDX House, plus a monthly groceries market on campus 
-  More funding for the Kit Hub, and increased Grove opening hours 
-  Improve counselling services on campus 
-  Help students find good private housing 

You can view Lucy’s manifesto in full by clicking here


Vice President Health & Education and Science & Technology – Rahma Ali 

1,883 students voted in this category, with seven candidates standing for the role. The winner, receiving 786 votes, is final year Biomedical Science undergraduate Rahma Ali, who is also a currently an MDXSU Student Trustee and an NUS Delegate. 

Rahma’s manifesto pledges include: 

-  A helpline for students on placement 
-  Early release of timetables 
-  Combatting all forms of hate crime, and ensuring student safety on campus 
-  Increase diversity and affordability of food on campus 
-  Increase mental health provision 

You can view Rahma’s manifesto in full by clicking here


Vice President Business and Law – Erica Ramos 

Erica Ramos was re-elected for her second term as MDXSU’s Vice President Business and Law, beating the other six candidates with 691 votes out of 1,919 in total. 

Since starting her role in July 2017, Erica’s work has included implementing a Language and Cultural Exchange Programme with MDX, introduced daily drop-in counselling service and increasing staffing, approved free sanitary products for campus toilets and ran a Sexual Health Awareness week.

Moving forward, Erica’s manifesto promises include: 

-  A Student Union loan store for student groups 
-  Better dyslexia support and employability advice 
-  Cheaper washing machines in halls, and even more microwaves on campus 

You can view Erica’s manifesto in full by clicking here


President – Ayah Benberna 

This was one of the most hard-fought elections for President we have ever seen at MDXSU, with an incredible 14 students nominating themselves for the position, and a total of 2,606 votes being cast – the largest turnout in our history. 

The winner, and President of Middlesex Students’ Union in 2018/19, is Ayah Benberna – the first woman MDXSU President in almost a decade.  

Ayah’s manifesto pledges include: 

-  Cutting the cost of food and drink on campus, and increase food options
-  Campaigning for better halls, with printers and laptops, and safer housing 
-  Tackle hate crime and sexual harassment 
-  Increase student hardship funds, plus grants for creative students 
-  Video feedback, and more interactive learning spaces 

You can view Ayah’s manifesto in full by clicking here


Click here for the full voting breakdown in all elections.


All the candidates, whether they were elected or not, should be incredibly proud of their hard work during the elections, and their role in inspiring their fellow students. 


All students are encouraged to engage in their Students’ Union and feedback on the work of their elected representatives. As part of this, all students are invited to attend our annual Big Union Update in April 2018, where you can find out more about MDXSU’s work and spending over the past year, and the progress of your officer team.






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